Endangered Species: American Grown Flowers!

My friend Jeff Piscitelli forwarded this article to me… regarding George Ball’s (Burpee CEO) recent Keynote at the Urban Agriculture Conference (sponsored by The Horticultural Society of New York)… Mr. Ball referred to American Grown Flowers as “Endangered Species”… but also noted that Americans are Anxious and Excited to plant their own gardens and grow … Read J’s Complete Post

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On Hagstrom Road... heading to Albin Hagstrom & Son.. to meet another 4th Generation Flower Industry LIFER!!!

4th Generation Florist Meets 4th Generation Fern Grower at Hagstrom!

Our Visit to Albin Hagstrom & Son in Pierson Florida (the FERN Capital of the WORLD!!!)… was Monumental! It gave me the opportunity to tour a World Class Fern Farm… with other Flower Industry 4th Generation Foliage Farmers! Now… I don’t run across many other 4th Generation (still in the Same Family Business) People very … Read J’s Complete Post

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FREE Mondays… this Summer On uBloom!

We’re Adding a NEW Feature for the Summer at! It’s FREE Mondays! Starting June 3, 2013… for a limited time… We’ll be Offering the NEW (latest Premiere) Fun with Flowers and J Episodes on for FREE On Monday! Sign up for our FREE Monday Email Reminder… That’s Right… Tune in on Monday… and … Read J’s Complete Post

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Memorial Day Remembered…

As a Little Kid… I always spent Memorial Day with my Dad… we would get up early… really early 4am… and head to the cemetery in our “Old” Greens Van… It was Old… it ran good and it had our Classic Logo with Red Carnations hand-painted on the Side… I can still smell the inside … Read J’s Complete Post

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David and Jana Register with J at the Historic FernTrust Location in the Fern Capital of the World!

The Florida Fresh Foliage Tour… A Visit to FernTrust!

The uBloom Florida Fresh Foliage and Flower Tour kicks off this Monday May 27, 2013! This America’s Foliage and Flower Documentary shares the Stories of the Foliage and Flower Farms of Florida! The First Stop on the Florida Fresh Tour is FernTrust! We Premiere the Tour with our Friends at FernTrust! I’ve been friends with … Read J’s Complete Post

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#1Team - Kelly, Keith, Aimie, Andrew and Chris

#1Team… Making Magic Happen!

I can NEVER fully explain How Magic Happens… however I can Tell You… that when you assemble a team of dedicated hardworking professionals…empower them to do what they do best… present them with a Mission… add a heapin’ helping of humor… and “pour them” into “The Fern Capital of the World”…  MAGIC indeed occurs! Their … Read J’s Complete Post

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