One of the MILLIONS of Gorgeous Ranunculas in the Flower Fields!

Ranunculus – What flower food should I use?

  Question: Good Morning! I am using ranunculus in mixed arrangements for a Mothers of Multiples event this weekend. I have the Gerbera ‘pills’ and the lily T-bags from Chrysal, and ‘regular’ flower food of course. Is one of the specialty foods better for ranunculus? Thanks J and your Team! Love your shows and website! … Read J’s Complete Post

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How to Arrange Flowers_Gold Leaf Techniques on Foliage

How can I find the “How to Gold Leaf Foliage” Video?

Question: I remember you having a video where you sprayed design master in a bucket of water and then dipped a lemon leaf in it to create a marbled look on the leaf. Can you send me a link to that video again so I can share it with my staff? It was awhile ago … Read J’s Complete Post

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Just a friendly reminder guys, women prefer peach, pink or orange to RED... even at Valentines Day!

What flowers come in natural Coral/Peach Colors?

Question: Hi J! I am a big fan of yours!! love love your videos and hope one day to come to one or more of your classes!! I have been doing (flowers)  as a hobby for over 20 years and have now decided to go further starting my own business! I have a wedding coming … Read J’s Complete Post

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Craft Paper Wrapped Soil Grown Sun Valley Tulips heading home to Happy Flower Buyers

How do I hydrate my tulips?

  Question: Good Morning J I enjoy all your tips if the day and your videos.I am new to the floral industry and would like to know the best way to hydrate tulips? My last experience left me with the rigid stems… in all curvy directions and going every direction! Answer: Here’s a few tips…for … Read J’s Complete Post

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Where is J ?

Where can I See J – Live and In Person?

Question: Could you send me your summer and fall dates and locations. I want to watch you live but it is a matter of where your shows are at this summer/fall? Answer: My Schedule is always available on the uBloom website… I list the cities and dates and details of the show – for … Read J’s Complete Post

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How does the uBloom Website Work?

  Here’s another great set of questions!… and my responses follows: Question: Last night I joined and paid the 1 year subscription fee on your website. I’m not sure how everything works, yet, so I wanted to ask a few questions.  I’m very excited to be able to go through all the video’s that are … Read J’s Complete Post

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