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Guest Blog: The Answer to Exiting the Wire Services by Elizabeth Crisp, REAL Florist!

Exiting the wire services is no easy task. I found it to be a frustrating, scary and intimidating process. There are different cutoff dates for different companies and different cutoff dates for different divisions within those companies. Take my advice, check everything and make sure you get everything dated, in writing and sent certified. If … Read J’s Complete Post

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Elizabeth Presenting Flowers to Winner of Teacher Appreciation Day Essay Contest from Apple Creek Flowers!

Guest Blog: Breaking up is Hard to Do! By Elizabeth Crisp: Real Florist!

Come on, you know you want to be single. The relationship is no longer working for you.  You give and you give and all you are asked to do is give more. There is an obvious imbalance in the amount of work you do and the benefits you are getting from your partnership. How do … Read J’s Complete Post

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Photo Courtesy of Flowers by Local Florists

Mother’s Day… Getting the Word out!

This Mother’s day there was an Increased awareness for the BUY Local Movement…  all across the country people were talking about Flowers… and although there was the occasional “negative flower campaign”… that the Society of American Florists help combat… This Year… the BUZZ was about WHERE your FLOWERS Come from… and WHO you choose to … Read J’s Complete Post

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Prom Corsages... Business as usual at Apple Creek Flowers!

Guest Blog: Making Flowers Personal! by Elizabeth Crisp REAL Florist!

One of the major ways to control costs is to control your inventory. It is essential to your bottom line to have the right product and the right amount of product. It is inevitable that there is going to be some waste with perishable product but with careful planning it can be kept to a … Read J’s Complete Post

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Apple Creek Flowers' Delivery Team: Chloe and Maggie!

Guest Blog: Learn to Listen by Elizabeth Crisp: Real Florist!

In 2006, when I purchased my shop, it was in good shape, the equipment was in working order and well maintained. The previous owner did a great job training the designers, sales people and drivers. They all knew their jobs, watched what was going out the door and were diligent in looking out for the … Read J’s Complete Post

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May Day... Run.. Hide... or get Kissed!!!!

May Day… May Day… May Day!

May 1st is MAY DAY!… and it’s been a tradition in my family forever…. When I was a little kid… I would go to the Flower Shop and make May Baskets with my Mom… I would poke colored pipe cleaners through paper cups… to make a handle! Then I would fill the Paper cup with … Read J’s Complete Post

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