Apple Creek Flowers... Real Flower Store!

Guest Blog: Making Decisions – by Elizabeth the Florist!

The store itself was ok, and I mean just ok. The décor was a little outdated… (ok a lot outdated). Inventory was stuck in a bad combination of ‘80’s and ‘90’s Wire Service containers, old design tools and just a tired look that needed an update. I cleaned house, I was ruthless, I had a … Read J’s Complete Post

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J on the FUN with Flowers & J Set... Designing Flowers!

My Top Ten Favorite Flower Designers…

Recently I was designing with a group of Students Assistants and Flower Friends at a Show in San Jose California… and My Friend Shannon Asked me a Question… I get asked alot … “J… whose your favorite Flower Designer???”…typically I step back from the Flower Arrangement I’m making… and lay down my design knife… and … Read J’s Complete Post

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LILAC Tips… Leave the Leaves! Flowers 101

It’s Lilac Season and the Bushes are Bursting into Bloom… I love the Smell of Fresh Lilacs… and having those Lovely Blooms in the House, is a Treat! Sometimes it can be a struggle to keep them Looking Fresh and Lasting for days… Here’s some Great Tips that will Allow you to enjoy them for … Read J’s Complete Post

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Apple Creek Flowers and Owner Elizabeth Crisp!

GUEST BLOG: Hi I’m Elizabeth, and I’m a Florist!

I have been given the gift of being able to do what I love every day of my life. I own a flower shop. The combination of retail and art is extraordinary. The balance is the hard part. I spend the day wearing  many hats, the quick switches it takes to be a small business … Read J’s Complete Post

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Brittany's Entry "Music In the Air" for the IFN Win a Day with J Contest!

iPad Winner: Brittany Briggs from Washington!

Nothing get’s uBloomers Motivated like APPLE Technology! Recently the Independent Floral Network hosted a contest to WIN a DAY with J…Participants had to upload their favorite SIGNATURE Flower arrangement to the IFN Facebook page! There were Two PRIZES… The Grand Prize: A Day with J at their Store creating Fun Flowers with J for an … Read J’s Complete Post

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Deco Balls

APRIL 2012 NEWSLETTER: Flower Thoughts from J

  Have you ever wondered what flower thoughts are “blooming” in J’s brain? Wish you could get a dose of J’s enthusiasm & positive energy everyday?   You CAN with “Flower Thoughts with J!” Get flower Inspiration, Tips and Ideas 5 days a week right in your inbox…for FREE! J wants to personnally motivate you to Keep Having FUN with Flowers … Read J’s Complete Post

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