The Winning Signature Arrangement from Steven Santos, J. Michaels Florist!

Day with J Winner: Steven Santos and J Michaels Florist!

Yipppeeee~! It Looks Like I’ll be heading to BOISE Idaho… to award The DAY With J to Steven Santos… from J. Michaels Florist! Courtesy of the Independent Floral Network! Steven Santos is a long time member of uBloom…and his Signature Arrangement was chosen by the Independent Floral Network Judges to be the WINNER of the … Read J’s Complete Post

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J with Elizabeth Crisp from Apple Creek Flowers at NEFE!

Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Crisp… REAL Florist!

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Crisp at the North East Floral Expo in Sturbridge MA this Spring. Do you ever meet one of those AMAZING People… and know in your heart of hearts that this is one of those people that EVERYONE Should meet and get to talk to??? That is Elizabeth! She’s … Read J’s Complete Post

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Caught on Tape… Bad Flower Practices…

Bad Flower Practices always get me going! Add to that… poorly executed Flower Promotion…or what I call Social Flower Faux Paux…  it’s got me going… and on today’s J’s FLOWER STAND…I’m taking a stand! It’s SO Important to our Great Flower Industry To represent FLOWERS and Our PROFESSIONAL CAREER of being a Florist or Flower … Read J’s Complete Post

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Acolyte Table at CaterSource in Las Vegas!

Catersource Show In Las Vegas!

My Friends at Acolyte asked me to Join them again for the Catersource Show in Las Vegas. It’s always a treat to spend time with Masa and Christy and I enjoy the CaterSource show for so many reasons… It’s a unique show… dedicated to the Food Service Industry originally but now more broad scope with … Read J’s Complete Post

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J on the FUN with FLOWERS and J Set

The FUN with Flowers and J Set…

Can you believe it’s been 26 weeks already? With Two Seasons of FUN with Flowers and J behind us… We Premiere Season 3 on April 16 2012. Season Three is packed with great stuff…  I make a trip to the local hardware store to create a FUN Topiary with CA GROWN Eufloria Roses… We discuss … Read J’s Complete Post

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I bought Flowers... Now What? Easy Care and Arrangement Tips!

You Bought Flowers…YAY!!!! NOW What?

There are so many Great Flowers available… Kelly and I have been traveling for months… and one of my on the Road MUST’s is Fresh Flowers in the Hotel Room… It’s a FUN Adventure to see where I can Find Flowers… and what might be available. We had Garden Roses in San Jose, Gardenias in … Read J’s Complete Post

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