OMG... you won't believe this video!

You get what you pay for… QUALITY and SERVICE!

  I ran across two videos today…  about Packaging Flowers… and I know that many times people shop PRICE First… and then are disappointed when the Product doesn’t stand up! This goes for all types of products…  But Especially Flowers! Flowers are a Perishable product… they are delicate and fragile… they need proper care and … Read J’s Complete Post

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The Short Cut to a Dozen Roses... Lined up and READY!

Making Life Easier… for Valentines Day!

Thousands of Roses… Space is a at Premium… Reserve Delivery Staff is brought in… and you need your REST! All Great reasons to Watch this week’s Fun with Flowers and J episode. The SHORT CUT To Longer Lasting Roses! As an Experienced Retailer… I know that ALL that and MORE Is TRUE!!! So what better … Read J’s Complete Post

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Kelly Ripa Comments...

Kelly Ripa Comments… Keep Calm and Carry On!

So my email and Facebook page was filling up  with comments about Kelly Ripa’s Comments about Valentines Day Flowers… (“why bother… they just die”) said on her Show Live with Kelly! First things first… As an Industry we know the value of Flowers…  and the Benefits they provide… Rutger’s, Harvard, and Boston Universities Studies have … Read J’s Complete Post

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J & CA Secretary of Agriculture: KarenRoss Certified CA Grown!

Behind the Scenes at the 123rd Annual Rose Parade…

It’s Been an Exciting Week already with Release of our ROSE Parade Special… the JTV Crew went to Sunny California to film this year’s ROSE Parade… going behind the scenes, sharing things you NEVER see on TV! It’s been a Record Breaker… You won’t want to miss this Flower Filled Show!!! I’ve been a fan … Read J’s Complete Post

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Tangerine Tango "Chilies" Roses... with a Micro Glitter Edge...

The 7 Hot Flower Trends for 2012!

Here’s a Great Blog about the 7 Hot Flower Trends for 2012!  And and little slide show sharing each trend… 1. Rustic goes Modern 2. High Fashion Romance 3. Metallic 4. Unusual Bouquets 5. Patterned Everything 6. Color Craze 7. The “it” Flowers! The January Markets are in Full Swing… and Everyone is reporting Record … Read J’s Complete Post

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Win a Day with J!

WIN a Day with J!!!

Win A DAY With J … from the Independent Floral Network! The Independent Floral Network creators of the IRIS System is giving away a DAY with J… That’s Right… The Flower Expert, Host of Fun with Flowers and J and Creator of could be coming to spend a day with you… What would you … Read J’s Complete Post

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