Cute, green, Blossom FlowerChair-designed by Kenneth Cobonpuere

Back in the Blog Chair…

Cute-green-Blossom-Flower-Chair-designed-by-Kenneth-Cobonpuere It’s been awhile and I admit it…  Since I sat down in the “BLOG Chair”… and it just seems that time gets away from me… On the Road… We see so much… and there have been such great episodes of FUN with Flowers and J… New Products… Great Techniques… Fun Friends… Awesome Flowers… Fabulous … Read J’s Complete Post

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Sun Valley IRIS... a Sure Sign of Spring!

SPRING… Happens at Sun Valley!!!!

Spring is just around the corner… and as I wake up this morning… Grand Rapids is covered in SNOW! But on uBloom’s FUN with Flowers and J… Spring is IN FULL BLOOM! Thanks to Lane DeVries and the Amazing CA Flower Farmers at Sun Valley Flower Farms! IRIS, Tulips, Hyacinth, Freesia, and tons of other … Read J’s Complete Post

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Symphony® Alstro... Easy and Inexpensive Event Design!

Inexpensive Event Work… Symphony® Alstro Solution!

We’ve gotten such great feedback on this Week’s FUN with Flowers and J Show… Featuring the NEW Symphony® Alstroemeria from Esmeralda Farm’s Breeding and BioTech Labs! This Alstroemeria is specifically bred for a Wide Range of Color… Numerous Flowers PER Stem… frequently up to 12 Blossoms… and LARGE Size of Blossom! (about the Size of … Read J’s Complete Post

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I’m Coming to See YOU! A Day with J!!!!

Well… I hope it’s YOU! We are in Full Swing with our WIN a DAY With J contest Sponsored by the Independent Floral Network… creators of the IRIS System! I’ll be Traveling All Across the Country promoting this Great Contest during the Month of March…  The Great Lakes.. New England… Pacific Northwest and More… Check … Read J’s Complete Post

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Did you Know Women PREFER Orange Roses over RED?! It's TRUE!!!

5 Flower Reminders for a ROMANTIC Results this Valentines Day!

  I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by Flowers… and as a 4th Generation in a Family Flower Business I have the following Advice for Valentine Flower Shoppers this Week! 1. MEN gravitate to RED Roses… While Research Tells us Women PREFER PINK or ORANGE! Every RED Rose on the Planet gets cut for Valentines … Read J’s Complete Post

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Industry Insider… My Friend Christine Martindale!

Our Community Gardener… Works Tirelessly to get some of the Most Amazing Interviews in our Flower Industry… The Latest Industry Insider Interview is a Great Example! Lisa interviewed my (nearly) Life Long Flower Friend Christine Martindale! Chris is the owner of Esprit Miami… and One Amazing Lady… we’ve known each other for a long time… … Read J’s Complete Post

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