Lil J Presents For uBloomer... our Contest Winners!

Lucky uBloom Winners!

Here’s the Second Round of our uBloom Winners! It’s EASY to Win My How to Professionally Decorate your Christmas Tree Video! Members Post in the uBloom Forums… and 5 Posters are Chosen each week to receive the Video… Shipped to their Door! This Week’s Winners are: Rosanna Jennings of Decor d’Esprit Laura Dunham of Laura’s … Read J’s Complete Post

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Succulents at Florist Supply LTD in Winnepeg!

Succulents… Surprised?

Succulents just keep getting more Popular…I’m not surprised… they are easy to care for… and the symbol of Wealth in Chinese Lore… I ran across this Picture on Facebook the other day… what a fun way to use Succulents… making the pattern of a Tortoise shell… It’s also fun to have them on a Living … Read J’s Complete Post

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Kelly at Lincoln Road Mall... With Latte'!

Happy Birthday to the Man behind the Magic!

Each of us… has that certain someone… that has the POWER! The power to make things better…funnier…richer…  or worth the wait! They are Smart, Talented, Humble, Protective, Honest and Good! I’m so fortunate to spend every day with someone like that… Kelly makes my life AMAZING… and Today is his Birthday! For those of you … Read J’s Complete Post

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Ask J about Flowers!

We all have questions… and when I’m visiting other cities… I love the chance to talk to fellow Flower Lovers! So often they have the best Questions… and we have great discussions! So… I Found this great Website… it’s a Place where you can type in your Questions and I can record a video … Read J’s Complete Post

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10 Ways CA Grown Flowers Help Everyone!

10 Reasons CA Grown Flowers Help Everyone!

With the Conclusion of the CA Grown Experience on uBloom this week… It made me think about how this Amazing Documentary Series changed the way I think about Flowers. I love all Kinds of Flowers… from all over the World… it’s not just about CA Grown Flowers… My Passion for Flowers runs way deeper than … Read J’s Complete Post

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Promote your CA Grown Flowers for FREE with this NIFTY Promotion!

HOW To Promote CA GROWN in your Store: Easy (and FREE)!

Want to ADD a Professional VIDEO to your Facebook Page, Website or BLOG  about the  Flowers you carry? Promote your LOCAL Flowers to your Customers … and support the LOCAL Grown Movement?  It’s SIMPLE… and It will look just like this… Best NEWS… It’s FREE… Here’s an Easy way to Promote LOCAL CA Grown Flowers … Read J’s Complete Post

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