Win an iPad or Kindle- From Golden Flowers!

I’m Excited to announce this NEW Contest from our Friends at Golden Flowers… You can win an ipad or kindle – it’s that easy! Check out more information about the contest- on the Golden Flowers Website- It’s Simple and Easy to enter… the rules are listed above…  so read through them! No purchase necessary … Read J’s Complete Post

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A Visit to P. Allen Smith and Moss Mountain Farm…

This past week- I traveled to Moss Mountain Farm- the home of my Friend P. Allen Smith… We became friends a few years ago and I’ve enjoyed being a guest on Allen’s Shows- Garden Style and Garden Home- (On PBS and Syndicated across the country)… For the past few years- Allen has invited me to … Read J’s Complete Post

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Win Free Alstro from Golden

Win a Free Box of Alstroemeria!

Here’s your chance to experience the Quality and Selection of Golden Flowers’ Alstromeria- simply by entering this NEW Contest offered by Golden Flowers! It’s simple… No purchase necessary- simply follow this link- - and sign up today… Here’s the official Rules for this Fun Flower Contest…  Alstroemeria Giveaway Contest Rules- Or Check out the rules … Read J’s Complete Post

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TurnTable for Flowers- Where can I get one?

here’s a link to See the  TurnTable on the Fun with Flowers and J Set in action! QUESTION: Hello J Schwanke, My sister is a big fan of you and LOVES your videos and your job..She has a flower store in Hungary and I was thinking to surprise her with one of those spinning board you use … Read J’s Complete Post

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Customized Flower Food- YES PLEASE!!!

Chrysal just announced their NEW Customized Flower Food Sachets… I couldn’t wait to get my uBloom Flower Food Packets… I got the 10 Gram… that’s my Favorite size… as it makes a full liter of Flower Food… Flower Buyers LOVE Flower Food… they are dedicated to making their investment last! Everyone Loves flowers and they … Read J’s Complete Post

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Measure, Chill- Add Flowers

Ideal Water Temperature for Flowers?

QUESTION: What water temperature is best for my cut flowers- I’ve always heard warm water is best… but NOW people are a saying Cold? What’s your expert opinion J? ANSWER: This is one of the most popular questions at both my Live Events and on line…  For years we were told that Bathtub warm water was … Read J’s Complete Post

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