How to Arrange Flowers_Stemmed Gardenias!

Best Practices – Gardenias in a Box?

Question: Hello, I just received the gardenias I ordered for a wedding this weekend. They are packaged 3 to a box. I want to make sure I am treating them properly. I left them in the box and put them I. The cooler. Should I have a water source with them? The stems are short … Read J’s Complete Post

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How to Make Boutonnieres!

Boutonniere – Corsage- What’s the difference?

Question: What’s the difference between a boutonniere and corsage? Answer: This was a great question that was posted on our YOUTUBE Channel… from a student studying Floristry! A Boutonniere is a Masculine- Flower to Wear… typically worn by a gentleman… on the lapel of his dress coat … or it can be placed in the … Read J’s Complete Post

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Where can I purchase Chrysal Professional Glory?

Question: Where can I get the Spray you use at the end of arrangement? Answer: Chrysal Professional Glory is the Spray I use to finish every arrangement I create on Fun with Flowers and J… whether it’s a vase arrangement, flower to wear, wedding bouquet or even on Fruit or Vegetables that accent my arrangements… Chrysal … Read J’s Complete Post

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Can J give a hands on Sympathy Class in my Area?

Question: Let me start off by saying I truly love your work!! I watch your videos all the time even sometimes in the middle of the night when I should be I wanted to know if you give on hands sympathy/Casket floral arrangements class near me? I really have to meet you, I’m  just … Read J’s Complete Post

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About uBloom

I’d Like to Renew my UBloom Subscription- How do I do that?

This is one of the MOST Common questions I receive.. so I thought it would be a good idea to post it here… The names were changed to protect the innocent… heheh! Question: I have a new credit card since I signed up.  So I need to renew my subscription using a new card… How … Read J’s Complete Post

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How to Create a Complimentary Color Scheme Arrangement with Hydrangeas and Roses

Hydrangeas and Alum- What’s that all about ?

Question: J I recently saw a clip on YouTube where a woman was making a Hydrangea wall. She used alum to dip the stems before inserting them into the foam. What does that do? Answer: Alum is a pickling spice that comes in a powder form… you can buy it an grocery store… A Trick … Read J’s Complete Post

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