How to Create Concealed Water Supplies for your Hand Tied Wedding Bouquets!

Best Care for Hydrangeas?

  Question: Do you have any recommendations for keeping hydrangeas in hand tied wedding bouquets fresh all day?  We haven’t had any problems in the past but we want to be sure that we’re doing our best for our customers! Thank you!!! Answer: I’ve show how to apply ARRIVE ALIVE to a wedding bouquet several … Read J’s Complete Post

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How to Arrange Flowers_Stemmed Gardenias!

Best Practices – Gardenias in a Box?

Question: Hello, I just received the gardenias I ordered for a wedding this weekend. They are packaged 3 to a box. I want to make sure I am treating them properly. I left them in the box and put them I. The cooler. Should I have a water source with them? The stems are short … Read J’s Complete Post

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How to Make Boutonnieres!

Boutonniere – Corsage- What’s the difference?

Question: What’s the difference between a boutonniere and corsage? Answer: This was a great question that was posted on our YOUTUBE Channel… from a student studying Floristry! A Boutonniere is a Masculine- Flower to Wear… typically worn by a gentleman… on the lapel of his dress coat … or it can be placed in the … Read J’s Complete Post

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Where can I purchase Chrysal Professional Glory?

Question: Where can I get the Spray you use at the end of arrangement? Answer: Chrysal Professional Glory is the Spray I use to finish every arrangement I create on Fun with Flowers and J… whether it’s a vase arrangement, flower to wear, wedding bouquet or even on Fruit or Vegetables that accent my arrangements… Chrysal … Read J’s Complete Post

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Can J give a hands on Sympathy Class in my Area?

Question: Let me start off by saying I truly love your work!! I watch your videos all the time even sometimes in the middle of the night when I should be I wanted to know if you give on hands sympathy/Casket floral arrangements class near me? I really have to meet you, I’m  just … Read J’s Complete Post

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About uBloom

I’d Like to Renew my UBloom Subscription- How do I do that?

This is one of the MOST Common questions I receive.. so I thought it would be a good idea to post it here… The names were changed to protect the innocent… heheh! Question: I have a new credit card since I signed up.  So I need to renew my subscription using a new card… How … Read J’s Complete Post

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