• Easy Decorating- Rustic Pine Cones-

    überMatte - makes it fun - Celebrate!

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  • Tulips- 365 from Sun Valley!

    Every day is a Great day for Tulips!

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  • Outdoor Velvet Ribbon-

    Heavy Duty- From Reliant Ribbons

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  • Rustic Boxes- Wax on- Wax Off!

    Easy technique with überMatte

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  • Garden Roses- EVERYDAY!

    from Alexandra Farms- why NOT??!!

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  • Hydrangea Event Setting...

    featuring Hydrangeas from GroFlowers!

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  • Dahlias and Zinnias are EASY!

    with the "Delights" Foliage Bouquets from FernTrust!

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    FernTrust Foliage Bouquets
  • New Carnation Colors- WOW!

    Imperial and Antique Collections from Esprit Miami

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