Monogram Magic project by Carol Prezel

Monogram Magic!!!

Project created by Carol Prezel

Create a custom monogram initial from any font you like using permanent botanicals

Monogram Magic project by Carol Prezel


  • 18 stems of permanent daisies
  • 8 stems of permanent hydrangeas
  • cardboard
  • 2″ Styrofoam green – 1/4 sheet
  • spray adhesive
  • waterproof tape
  • pan glue or low temp glue gun
  • your favorite initial printed on a sheet of paper
  • Please note…quantities are dependent on the desired size of design!


  1. Pick your favorite initial and have enlarged to size of choice at your local copy center
  2. Using spray adhesive attach copied design to cardboard and cut out design.
  3. Attach sections of trimmed and shaved styrafoam sporadicaly on design to give strength and dimension. You may also want to give added strength to project by wrapping in waterproof tape, however this is optional.
  4. Trim and glue desired floral heads with pan glue or low temp glue gun.
  5. Please Note…quantities for florals depend on completed size of design. This project is approx 35″ wide by 32″ long.