Vintage Camera project by Bettina Burklund

Vintage Camera

Project created by Bettina Burklund

This vintage camera is all dressed up for the holidays!

Vintage Camera project by Bettina Burklund


  • Vintage camera
  • Permanent evergreen (long needles and short for various textures)
  • Copper colored permanent pick
  • Three copper colored Christmas ornaments (small, approx. 1 in. matte and shiny)
  • Brown with copper trim ribbon


  1. Position the evergreen and copper permanent pick under the handle of the vintage camera.
  2. Wrap wire around the copper balls, create a cluster of all three, and position them under the handle as well.
  3. Put ribbon through the camera strap mount, under the camera handle and cascade it down the evergreen.
  4. Use handle to hang onto the Branchie.