Captured Orchid Ornament project by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas, CCF

Captured Orchid Ornament

Project created by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas, CCF

Modern Christmas ornament made using glass, wire and light

Captured Orchid Ornament project by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas, CCF


  • 4 inch glass bubble bowl
  • Silk orchid bloom
  • Clear raindrops from Accent Decor
  • White LED from Accolyte
  • Copper decorative wire
  • Lime green decorative wire
  • Glass pendulum ornament (Michael’s)
  • Branchies


  1. Start by randomly wrapping copper wire around a 4 inch glass bubble bowl. As you wrap make sure you leave an opening at the top so you can add the interior elements. Continue wrapping until the bubble bowl in completely encased in wire.
  2. Randomly connect the wrapped copper wires with the thinner lime green wire to add stability to the caging.
  3. At the opening of the wire caging attach three thinner gage lime green wires to make the hanging wires.
  4. Bind the wire together over the top of the opening making sure the bubble bowl hangs straight when suspended.
  5. Take apart the glass pendulum ornament. You will have these elements after you deconstruct the ornament: 2.5 inch glass bubble bead, clear pendulum and assorted clear beads.
  6. Insert lime green wire into glass bubble bead until the wire forms a tangle inside the bead.
  7. String clear glass bead, wire filled bubble bead and assorted other beads onto the hanging wire of bubble bowl. Wrap the hanging wire at the top of the strung decorative elements into a loop. This will be the loop you use to hang your ornament on the Branchies.
  8. Make a tangle of copper wire into a vaguely round bauble about 2.5 inches across. Using green wire attach the pendulum from the deconstructed ornament. Attach the copper bauble and pendulum to the bottom of the bubble bowl’s caging wire.
  9. Fill the interior of the bubble bowl 1/3 with clear raindrops. Place a white LED into the center of the raindrops. “Float” a silk orchid on top of the raindrops.Hang from your tree using Branchies.