Dodie Sy's Modern European Garden Hedge project for uBloom

Modern European Garden Hedge

Project created by Dodie Sy

A modern interpretation of a European favorite. This “Garden Hedge” styling consists of leftover Curly Willow stems anchored in a swedish wood box sprayed with Design Master Walnut Wood Tone. The Curly Willow stems are painted with Design Master Ivory then accented with sheet moss to create an organic feeling. Glass test tubes are slightly kissed with Design Master Saffron to enforce the colorscheme. Silver Dusty Miller and creamy Alstroemeria further solidifies the colorscheme.

This particular arrangement can be re-used perfect for weekly office displays or a larger version for hotel lobbies and buffet tables. Fabulous!

Dodie Sy's Modern European Garden Hedge project for uBloom


  • 3 stems – Alstroemeria
  • 1/2bu. – Dusty Miller
  • Design Master – Walnut Wood Tone
  • Design Master – Ivory
  • Design Master – Saffron
  • Spray adhesive
  • 5″x5″ unfinished wooden box
  • 5″x5″x4″ green styrofoam
  • Sheet Moss
  • 30 stems Large Curly Willow Stems
  • 8 – Glass Test Tubes
  • Glue Gun


  1. Spray paint your unfinished wooden box with Design Master Walnut Wood Tone, let dry and apply second coat if necessary.
  2. Cut to fit a piece of green styrofoam and hot glue it in the wooden box.
  3. Spray paint the Curly Willow stems with Design Master Ivory, let dry.
  4. Randomly insert the Curly Willow stems into the styrofoam anchoring them with hot glue gun.
  5. Take small pieces of sheet moss and apply spray adhesive in the back and attached them onto the Curly Willow stems. This will create a more organic look.
  6. Spray paint the bottom of the test tubes with Design Master Saffron, let dry.
  7. Attach the glass test tubes onto the Curly Willow stems with a glue gun.
  8. Fill each tubes with water and then arrange the Dusty Miller and Alstroemeria florets.