Dodie Sy's Grapevine Interpretation project for uBloom

Grapevine Interpretation

Project created by Dodie Sy

A lavish re-usable flower stand of Grapevines anchored in a custom painted glass compote. A plastic liner is glued in the center to hold another liner for arrangements. Large Monsterra Leafs are “Sprinkled” with Design Master “Yellow Yellow” to mimic an exotic variegated leaf and further enhanced with leaf shine. To give the grapevines a fresh spring look it is spray painted with Design Master “Basil”. This is perfect for corporate displays or weekly hotel lobby displays. The flowers are grouped to calm the eye towards the center of the wild grapevine arbor. Divine!

Dodie Sy's Grapevine Interpretation project for uBloom


  • 24″ Grapevine Wreath (dismantled)
  • Glass Compote
  • 6″x6″x4″ green styrofoam
  • 6×1.5″ Hard plastic liner
  • 6″ Soft plastic liner
  • 1 block standard Oasis Foam
  • 1/4″green bowl tape
  • Light Olive corsage tape
  • Design Master “Basil”
  • Design Master “Yellow Yellow”
  • Design Master “Aspen Yellow”
  • 3 pcs. Medium Monsterra Leafs
  • 10 blooms Orange Cymbidium Orchids
  • 8 stems “Super Green” Roses
  • 6 stems Yellow Button Chrysanthemums
  • 8 stems Yellow Parrot Tulips
  • 8 stems Yellow Dutch Tulips
  • 2 smallfaux Succulent
  • 3 stems Aspidistra Leafs
  • 1/2 bu. Variegated Pittosporum
  • Sheet Moss
  • Adhesive Spray


  1. Spray paint glass compote with Design Master “Yellow Yellow” – Let dry
  2. Dismantle and spray paint Grapevine Wreath with Design Master “Basil” -Let dry
  3. Lightly spray paint Medium Monsterra Leafs with Design Master “Aspen Yellow” by lightly pushing down the nozzle. Desired result will be spots of yellow on the leafs – Let dry. Once dry apply Pokon Leaf Shine.
  4. Hot glue styrofoam inside Glass Compote
  5. Attached individual grapevines into the styrofoam securing them with hot glue gun in an asymmetrical arch.
  6. Hot glue hard liner in the center.
  7. Apply sheet moss to cover styrofoam using Adhesive Spray.
  8. Cut Oasis foam to fit in 6″ soft liner secure with bowl tape and place in the center of the hard liner.
  9. Arrange Monsterra Leafs and Variegated Pittosporum to cover oasis foam.
  10. Group the Parrot Tulips and Dutch tulips on both sides securing the blooms into the grapevines with light olive corsage tape.
  11. Group the remaining flowers into oasis foam…voila! fabulousness!!!