Table Top Decor project for uBloom by Cynthia P Ross

Table Top Decor

Project created by Cynthia P Ross

Just your style, table top ideas from Design Master Paint

Table Top Decor project for uBloom by Cynthia P Ross


  • Design Master paint 790 Olive Bright, Just For Flowers 134 Peacock, Design Master #792 Robins Egg
  • 1 29 inch flower tower, found at most craft stores
  • 1 slightly fluted fabric shade (10 by 6)
  • 1 large white ceramic plate, mine came from dollar store
  • 1 martini glass, mine came from dollar store
  • 20 silk carnations, white
  • 20 1/4 inch pom pom balls, found in craft store
  • painters tape and masking tape (one inch)
  • glue gun
  • old dish towels


  1. Tape off sections of shade with masking tape and cover other areas with towel to prevent overspray. In a ventilated area, alternate sections with the Olive bright and Peacock, spraying shade at a distance of about 2 feet, allowing even strokes.
  2. When all sections are complete and dry, remove tape.
  3. Spray carnations Olive Bright and pom pom pieces Peacock.
  4. Hot glue pom pom pieces to make centers for carnations and hot glue to shade.
  5. Glaze flower tower with Olive Bright. Seal with Clear Finish
  6. Take white plate and clean.
  7. With painters tape, tape off first section one way. That makes the white you see in the photo. Spray plate Olive Bright. Allow to dry thoroughly and put second set of tape in opposite direction leaving first set in place. Spray plate first with Robins Egg and then Peacock . (Design Master sticks to ceramics better).
  8. Allow to dry at leat one half hour and remove tape and seal with clear finish spray.  This is intended for use as a charger only (use clear plate on top when serving for food)
  9. Tape under rim of martini at least two inches and tape off bottom half of stem.
  10. Hold the glass upside down and spray the glass with Robins Egg first, then Peacock. Allow to dry in between.
  11. Remove tape from rim and stem. Cover glass part with a paper towel and spray stem Olive Bright. This will make an excellent glass for martinis or desserts.
  12. Will hold up with hand washing or you may seal it with Clear Finish (remember to tape off 2 inches below rim of glass)
  13. Continue theme by spraying fabric for toppers, place cards or menus
  14. Have fun!