purple vase trending color


Written by Michelle Lamb

purple vase trending color

ASA Selection at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany

Floral arrangements have something that is really going to work in their favor over the next 18 months: color.

Color can draw the eye and wake things up in remarkable ways. It is also the easiest—and often the least expensive—update anyone can make, is why color is a perfect solution for a post-recession recovery that is projected to take time.

Manufacturers, importers, retailers and designers can get lots of credit for newness by simply refreshing color lines. You can take advantage of color’s power to make an instant visual statement by creating arrangements in trend-right colors that will help consumers become accustomed to the colors that are coming for home décor.

It is no secret that one of those trend-right color families is still purple. At all of the early 2010 trade shows, both in the U.S. and abroad, everyone was talking about purple. As floral designers approach the task of creating fresh arrangements for the next 12 months, keep in mind that purple will be well supported in categories from tableware and decorative accessories to upholstery and lighting.

Consumers, who have waited so long to update, will notice this new color and be drawn to it. They will understand the instant makeover that purple can give them in their home.