Fern-tastic Headpiece project by Tanti Lina

Fern-tastic Headpiece

Project created by Tanti Lina

I thought this was quite a fun piece to do for an adventurous bride…or maybe…prom?

Fern-tastic Headpiece project by Tanti Lina


  • 5-7 stems Leatherleaf Ferns
  • 2-3 Small Stems Variegated Pittosporum
  • 1 HEAD Pom Pom (but the bigger head one, not Kermit/Yoko Ono – I can’t remember the name at the moment…)
  • 1 pc Fun, colored button
  • 2 pcs Corsage Pins
  • Thin Headband (the one that Iused here is the “grecian goddess” style headband, the one with two “rows”)
  • 1 pc of Small Craft Plastic Cylinder Canvas/Mat (you can get this from Jo Ann Fabrics by the button area)
  • Thin Wire (Jewelry Wire is OK)
  • Oasis Floral Glue


  1. Prep all the materials first… Pick smaller and different length branches from each leatherleaf fern stems.
  2. Pick the bigger leaves from each Var. Pittosporum stems – this will be used as the base.
  3. Pick the smaller leaves from the Var. Pittosporum for the top inserts.
  4. Pick the nicest looking bloom from the Pom Pom and cut it flush so it’s flat on the bottom.
  5. Building the base: Attach the cylinder canvas/mat onto the headband by weaving the wires through as if you’re sewing this in. I don’t have any specific method, I just weave the wires through the cylinder holes and make sure the wire loops around the headband. I place the mat to the side, because I like the look to be like that. But you can place it wherever you feel like.
  6. When the base is securely attached, you then glue the bigger var. pitts leaves on to the matt clock wise – to make sure all the mat is covered.
  7. Then glue the Leatherleaf ferns on in a “layered” fashion.
  8. Once all the ferns are on, insert the smaller var. pitts in the spots that you see fit.
  9. Glue the pom pom head on the center.
  10. Glue the fun button.
  11. Pin the corsage pins through the button holes.
  12. Spray the whole thing with finishing spray.