Southern Hospitality project by Makayla Newberry

Southern Hospitality

Project created by Makayla Newberry

The Pineapple ~ the Quintessential sign of Southern Hospitality

Designed from daisies and sheet moss, crowned with leather leaf…

We thought this was perfect for a Sunday champagne brunch table, offering a warm Southern welcome to the guest!

Southern Hospitality project by Makayla Newberry


  • 2 Floral Foam Bricks
  • 1 quarter brick of Oasis Rainbow Floral Foam
  • 15 stems of Leather leaf
  • Hand full of sheet moss
  • 2 stems of yellow button poms
  • 30 stems of daisies
  • 8 stems of double white freesia
  • 2 Birds of Paradise
  • 3 Pink Roses
  • 1 stem Hypericum


  1. Curve floral foam bricks to create the shape for your pineapples
  2. Cover the shaped pieces with sheet moss
  3. Remove petals from daisies, insert centers into shaped foam over the sheet moss
  4. Cover inside surface with yellow button poms to create the flesh of the pineapple
  5. Insert leather leaf to create the top portion of the pineapple
  6. Insert Ginger leaves and variegated lily grass into side of colored Oasis
  7. Insert Birds of Paradise into colored Oasis
  8. Insert freesia into colored Oasis
  9. Insert roses into colored Oasis
  10. Cover colored Oasis with spray roses
  11. Cover the Colored Oasis with spray roses
  12. Insert Hypericum pieces into colored Oasis
  13. Add fruit, cheese, crackers, champagne & Enjoy!