BJ Pitt's Cornucopia project


Project created by BJ Pitts

The Cornucopia has long represented plenty and abundance. This “green” version turns over a new leaf on an old classic. Filled with fall flowers it would fit in well on any table where friends and family gather.

BJ Pitt's Cornucopia project


  • 1 charger tray
  • poultry netting
  • 3 bricks floral foam
  • 12 stems Leather leaf
  • 3 variegated aspidistra leaves
  • 8 lily grass
  • assorted fall flowers
  • 5 seed orbs
  • wheat
  • 2 faux artichokes
  • corsage glue
  • floral wire


  1. form your cornucopia from poultry netting
  2. fill with floral foam
  3. place on charger tray
  4. cover any visible portion of charger tray with aspidistra leaf
  5. strip away the aspidistra leaf from the stem (in two pieces)
  6. place three aspidistra stems in triangle shape at end of cornucopia shape
  7. loosely wrap liliy grass around stems, glue with corsage glue at end
  8. wrap floral wire around end in order to create curl, glue one final lily grass over wire to cover.
  9. cover floral foam with Leather leaf sprigs
  10. create “ribs” by sliding one end of lily grass under form and tucking other end into floral foam
  11. insert flowers as desired
  12. finish piece by using aspidistra leaf halves to make “mouth” of cornucopia