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The Flower Stand - J's Blog

The Heritage behind the Original LA Flower Market…

Gerberas from Lourdes at the LA Flower Market

Dozens of Flower Sellers… gathered under one roof…  for decades… for ONE simple purpose: Selling Flowers! That’s right…  this week on the CA Grown Experience on uBloom… I take the JTV Crew to visit the Original LA Flower Market!

Parisian Florist to the Stars... Flower Buyer for Decades!

This very special community of Flower Sellers bring flowers together from all over the Globe… but specifically America’s BEST Flowers… CA Grown! The Community is both BUYERS and SELLERS… some famous Florists… that have Created Flowers for the Stars… These Amazing Florists have been coming to the Market For Generations!

Roses wrapped and packaged... on the way to thier Final FLOWER Destination!

Gerberas, Roses, Ranunculas, Myrtle, Delphinium, Stock… all different Shapes, Sizes, Colors and Type of Flowers and Foliages are available in the Original LA Flower Market!

J get's a HISTORY Lesson from Johnny Mellano!

It was a wonderful opportunity to visit with Flower Market Historian Johnny Mellano, who brought pictures of the Flower Market and shared stories of how the market has changed over the years. Johnny and I had a great time… and then Johnny Turned me over to Jim Mellano… the current General Manager of the Original LA Flower Market… for a behind the scenes tour of this Landmark of the Flower Industry!

Flowers are Serious Business for Market GM Jim Mellano!

Lizabeth Ecke was the spokesperson for the Board of Directors (and a Long time Flower Industry Friend) to share how this Community of Flower Sellers acts together to bring the VERY BEST Flowers (millions of stems) to Market each and every day!

A Tapestry Quilt of ROSES at the Original LA Flower Market!

Roses displayed… bucket after bucket… forming a Fresh Flower “Mosaic” or “Tapestry Quilt”… reminiscent of how the Flower Farmers and Flower Sellers work together to bring America Flowers! Check out this week’s Visit to the Original LA Flower Market… on!