Stemmed Gardenias from KB Farms, Lilies from SunValley... Hydrange from Esprit and Polar Star Roses from Eufloria...It's ALL about the FLOWERS!

Sieck-Wright Wedding Show- Hightstown NJ!

Stemmed Gardenias from KB Farms, Lilies from SunValley... Hydrange from Esprit and Polar Star Roses from Eufloria...It's ALL about the FLOWERS!

Don’t you love when the STARS Align…. Perfect Flowers… Inspired Creativity… Passionate People… Fabulous Friends… It’s Amazing. And that Alignment took place this past week in HIghtstown NJ!

The Historical Decker's Dairy Sign at Sieck Wright!

Decker's Dairy Milk Bottle in Patty's Office at Sieck Wright

Here’s a Bit of HISTORY… Sieck-Wright has been around for Generations… and the Sieck-Wright Location in Hightstown used to be an OLD Dairy… the building is amazing… the Old Cooler Doors where the Milk Trucks would pick up bottles of Milk…

Trade Show Display Cart for Decker's Dairy at Sieck Wright

and this OLD Diary Cart they found upstairs in the attic … has a place of honor with the old sign… from the Dairy!

The Wedding Show Audience with J Schwanke at Sieck Wright in Hightstow

I’ve got my own Personal History with Sieck-Wright… My Mom and Dad… (Mel and Joey Schwanke AAF’s and PFCI) did a show here years ago… So they thought it would be cool to have me come and give a Wedding Show…

Roses and Raspberries... Flowers from all over the World at Sieck Wright

Now times have changed since Mom and Dad were here… Sieck-Wright is STILL a Remarkable Wholesaler… but instead of Growing Roses… they bring them in from all over the world! The Cooler at Sieck-Wright is Amazing… there is Literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could want or ask for!

Hypnose Roses from Eufloria, Hydrangea from Sun Valley and Hot Cocoa Hypericum from Esprit Miami

The Sieck-Wright Staff is Amazing…  Patty and Brendan introduced me to their staff and we had a ball… they Sell Millions of stems of Flowers… and those flowers are moving out every single day… with employees that have been there for over 50 years… Sieck-Wright is a Passion Flower Broker… that loves their Customers!

A Table Lamp created with Acolyte Sumix® and Orchids at Sieck Wright

I also had amazing Assistants… Chris Ondrak AIFD from the Gilded Lily… Adelaide Lynne AIFD, Steve Rogala and Renee’ Tucci… all were on hand to help me create EVEN MORE Amazing things for the Attendees… We filmed some NEW Fresh Cuts for uBloom with these Talented Designers… and those will be posted soon right here on uBloom!

Schubert Nursery Topiary with Green Diosa Spray Roses from Eufloria

Featured uBloomer Necoh Brewington-Mitchell made the trek from Philly to attend the show…

Featured uBloomer Necoh Brewington-Mitchell with J at the MEET and GREET

It was an Honor to meet her in Person… she’s Just as Remarkable and EVEN MORE FUN in REAL LIFE! Thanks Necoh for making the Trip! You are one JUICY Designer!!

My Two Students that WON the Transporter 10 in Hightstown!

We capped off the week with TWO Sets of SOLD OUT Classes… My Hands on Wedding Workshop and Social Media Marketing Classes… were packed with Creative Designers and Successful Business People… Look out WORLD… New Jersey is ROCKING the FLOWER World!!!

One of the SOLD OUT Wedding Classes featured Esmerald Farms Flowers and Gala Bouquet Holders

I also got the opportunity to see another “FLOWER LIFER”… Chip Wright… of Wright’s Roses Fame… I’ve known Chip since I was a kid… and we had a couple of Visits that … Well… Made My Day! I love Talking Flowers… and Historical Flowers… Great Stories and Reminiscing… That’s the ULTIMATE… thanks Chip for coming to the show!

Fragrance stole the show... Eufloria's CA Grown Sweet Moments Roses

Here’s A TIP… If you’re in NJ… or anywhere Near this Amazing Flower Resource… Stop in and See Flowers being Done “WRIGHT”… by Sieck-Wright Floral Products… They are leading the way…  The Flowers Tell the STORY!!!

Heartz Roses from Esprit... atop Deco Cubes... illuminated with SUMIX® From Acolyte