This Napkin says it all.... Campbell's Has a Complete Line of Holiday Plates and Napkins!

Eat, Drink and Be Jolly… at Campbell’s in Lincoln NE!

This Napkin says it all.... Campbell's Has a Complete Line of Holiday Plates and Napkins!

For the Past 15 or so years… I’ve been making an Annual Trek to give Holiday Seminars at Campbell’s Nurseries in Lincoln NE!

Vintage-Look Christmas Tree Decorations... A Few of my Favorites at Campbell's!

These are my Old Stomping Grounds… and I LOVE the Ladies (and gentlemen) in Lincoln! We hold several Holiday Seminars and they are also Festive, Entertaining and FUN!

Classic or Contemporary we try to Hit it all... Baby Tears and Succulents done up for the Holidays!

I’ve Made such Special Friends… it’s always special to catch up and see what’s going in their Lives… The Holidays are all about Family and Friends and Campbell’s Holiday Seminars are NO Different!

Schubert Lemon Cypress made a Perfect Terrarium in a Christmas Lantern!

We Share Ideas… and the BEST NEW Holiday Decorating Ideas, Trends and Colors… These are just some of the Great Things we shared and saw at this years shows!!!

Pine Cones inside this Finial Urn flew out the door when we attached Coordinating Ribbon!

It’s become a Tradition for so many Families and Friends… we’ve had up to 4 Generations attend the Events to get their Holidays Started! It’s so MUCH FUN!

Even Santa STOCKS up at Campbell's Holiday Seminars!

We hold Three Holiday Decorating Seminars… 2 in the evenings and 1 in the Morning… and finish up with a Specialty Decorating Seminar on Friday… this year it was about Converting your OUTDOOR Planters to Christmas Decorations!

More Chairs for 2012... The Seminars were Standing Room only this year!

My Friend Anne Campbell… called this years Specialty Seminar “The Campbell’s POT Seminar” … Well… you can just imagine how many laughs that got! This years “POT” Seminar was standing room only… I put in an order for more CHAIRS for next year!

Easy Decorating Ideas... and PLUSH PUMPKINS... that's what it's ALL About!

Thanks to all my Friends that came out to Celebrate the Holidays… Campbell’s Style! Mark your calendars now… I’ll be returning to Campbell’s on April 27-28 2012.. for the Annual Spring Seminars… We’ll Welcome SPRING in the SAME Fun Fashion!

This Berry Merry Christmas Arrangement was the FINALE' on Thursday Night!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a trip to Campbell’s Nursery! The Sights… the Sounds… the Fragrances… it get’s the Holidays ROLLING! Check out my Fresh Cut Videos for a few of the Fun Projects we created at Campbell’s… FRESH CUTS are FAST, FUN, FREE Videos on uBloom! We just keep getting better!!!

Don't forget Cookies and Milk for Santa... and maybe a carrot or 2 for the Reindeer!