Lil J Presents For uBloomer... our Contest Winners!

Lucky uBloom Winners!

Lil J Presents For uBloomer... our Contest Winners!

Here’s the Second Round of our uBloom Winners! It’s EASY to Win My How to Professionally Decorate your Christmas Tree Video!

Members Post in the uBloom Forums… and 5 Posters are Chosen each week to receive the Video… Shipped to their Door!

This Week’s Winners are:
Rosanna Jennings of Decor d’Esprit

Laura Dunham of Laura’s Garden
Chandin Geihsler of Studio 3 Floral Design
Joseph Barnes a Flower Professional
Pat Brethauer of Flowers by Sarnia

Congratulations to our Flower Friends… and Forum Posters!

And the Winners of Club uBloom Memberships…
Tammy Barton From the Flower Boutique in Lancaster SC
Marivel’s Florist In Hightstown NJ
Michael Black from Jet’s Fresh Flowers in Pembroke Pines FL
The Enchanted Florist in Asheville NC
Enchanted Florist in Ashland OR

It was and Enchanted Week… for SURE!

Club uBloom Individual Memberships are going out to …

Judy Peterson of Omaha NE
Tom Kenison of New York
Manal Solaiman of Egypt
Kathy Campbell of Grand Rapids MI
Sandra Raup Folk from Hughesville PA

Thanks for your great Comments… about EVERYTHING Flowers and the CA Grown Experience! We’re Looking forward to having you in CLUB uBloom!

Keep on the Lookout for Something Amazing Coming this Holiday Weekend in honor of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Stay Tuned!!!!