Mel Resendiz Protea Wreath Christmas 2011... BEFORE!

Protea Wreaths: The Gift that keeps on Giving!

Mel Resendiz Protea Wreath Christmas 2011... BEFORE!

This week on Fun with Flowers and J… we create a Festive Christmas Centerpiece using One of Mel Resendiz Original Protea Wreaths…  made of Pink Mink Protea and other flowers and foliage from “Mel’s Garden” in Fallbrook CA!

These Wreaths are amazing… Last year after our Visit to Resendiz Brothers for the CA Grown Experience… Mel and Diana Sent Kelly and I a wreath as a present commemorating our Visit to Fallbrook!  It was wonderful… we hung it on the wall in the Living Room. The Fragrance was intoxicating and it was Gorgeous for the entire season!

The Wreaths are hand tied… with Spool wire… and, as Protea dry… (they do it so well)… the wreath will start to loosen slightly… a stray blossom may even fall out… (that’s your cue) to flip the wreath over and just twist the loops of the wire to tighten it up around the drying stems…

Mel Resendiz Protea Wreath Christmas 2010... AFTER

I did this… and finally when I took down my Christmas Decoration… (we won’t discuss what month… ) I place it on a wall in the garage… away from direct light… in a cool dry spot… and a few months later… I had a complete transformation from vibrant Reds and Greens, to warm Camels, Minty Greens and Soft Taupe!

It’s a Textural Experience… and just wonderful… So This Week I shared my Wreath from Last year with a wreath from this year… showing how Mel Resendiz CA Grown Protea Wreaths (and Bunches) are a gift that keep on giving!!

Thanks Mel… You are Amazing!!!!