Chrysal Dosing Unit Trouble Shooting

Written by Gay Smith

Q: I have the Chrysal Dosing Unit installed but it’s not working.
A: Make sure the arrow on the unit is pointing toward the ‘out-flow’ hose (the hose leading to the fill tap). Turn off supply, disconnect hoses from each side of the base unit, remove the unit from the wall bracket, turn it around, pop it back into the wall bracket, and re-connect the hoses. Turn on supply and bleed using soft button on top of pump. Open fill tap and fill buckets/vases.

Q: What’s that clicking noise?
A: The Dosing Unit clicks as it draws up solution and blends it with the water. This sound confirms the injector system is working properly. If it is not clicking, there is a problem.

Q: Water is coming out of the fill tap but it isn’t steady.

A: The system needs to have the air removed. There is a soft “button” on top of unit. Press until water squirts out. This bleeds air out of the system.

Q: Why are bubbles going up the clear tube?

A: Possibly, the solution level in the Chrysal Professional container is very low and is drawing air. Also, make sure the end of the tube is in the bottom of the Chrysal Professional container. There’s a small weight and filter at the end of this tube. The top end of the clear tube is connected to the Dosing Unit. It fits over a ‘nipple’ and is held snug with a plastic, V-shaped nut. Make sure the nut is tight.

Q: What are these numbers on the bottom of the Dosing Unit?
A: The Dosing Unit can be set to draw up various amounts of solution. The units will be pre-set by Chrysal and should not be adjusted unless by a Chrysal Rep or someone trained by Chrysal (adjustment without properly testing may impair the performance of the product)

Q: How do I maintain the unit?

A: Clean the pump using Chrysal Cleaner concentrate, Refer to “Cleaning the Dosing Unit” Instructions. Each time you add a new container of Chrysal Professional. Make sure filter end of clear tube is clean and unclogged.

Q: My hose is leaking at the connection. How do I fix this?

A: Hand-tighten the connection. If tightening doesn’t stop the leak, remove the hose from the connection, wrap the ‘male’ connector with plumbers tape and re-attach hose.

Q: How much solution do I use?
A: Flowers drink from the stem-ends only. Do not over-fill the buckets, it wastes solution, however it is designed to be reused for up to 5 Days, OK to reuse!

Q: How long will this container of Chrysal Professional liquid last?

A: The length of time it takes to use one container depends on how many buckets you process weekly. To get the best out of it, use clean sterile buckets/vases and reuse the product where it makes sense to do so.

Q: When should I re-order solution?

A: Place an order when your container is ½ to ¾ empty.