Did you Know Women PREFER Orange Roses over RED?! It's TRUE!!!

5 Flower Reminders for a ROMANTIC Results this Valentines Day!


Did you Know Women PREFER Orange Roses over RED?! It's TRUE!!!

I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by Flowers… and as a 4th Generation in a Family Flower Business I have the following Advice for Valentine Flower Shoppers this Week!

1. MEN gravitate to RED Roses… While Research Tells us Women PREFER PINK or ORANGE!

Every RED Rose on the Planet gets cut for Valentines Day… and chances are.. Colored Roses (other than RED) will be Fresher… Last Longer and Set you apart from the CROWD… it’s a great time to try something different!

2. Avoid Wire Services and 800-numbers… Contact your LOCAL Florist DIRECT!

You have to be Diligent! It’s Legal in many States for “order gatherers” to Pose as Local Florists on the internet. They “gather your order” adding on additional fees and act as a Middle Man… stealing a percentage of the purchase. Locate your florist on Google maps and Insure they ACTUALLY Exist on the Street in your Sweethearts Town!

Calling a Local Florist or Independent Flower Seller… actually SAVES you money… you eliminate those service charges and the Middle Man which equals MORE VALUE!  Local Florists  offer in house specials that are Affordable, Unique and Creative…  ASK for their help to create something Personal for your Valentine!

3. DELIVER the Flowers you purchase YOURSELF!

It takes a little bit of extra effort… but picking up (and Picking Out) your Flowers … then delivering them in PERSON insures that you get to see and ENJOY your Valentine’s Reaction! It’s FUN to give flowers… and you’ll get the Kiss and Hug… and ALL the Recognition!

4. Think OUTSIDE the Box…  Fragrant, Tropical or Unusual Flowers!

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose… but what about Fragrant Gardenias… or Freesia that Smell like “Fruit Loops”? Bird of Paradise or Orchids whisper hints of an Island Vacation…or How about a Protea… known as one of the longest lasting Flowers… (and they dry exquisitely…making them a keepsake gift)…  There’s so much to choose from and your Local Flower Seller is there to guide you!

You can explore your Flower Options with the uBloom Flower Guide… a FREE On-line Features at uBloom… letting you find the perfect Flower for any occasion… Lasting Quality, Colors, and even Flower Meanings…

5. Use the Flower Food! Follow the Directions on the Packet! 

Flower Food Packets are provided with any Flower Purchase! These Packets are scientifically designed to help your Flowers Last Longer, Bloom Larger and enhance Fragrance… Read the Back of the Packet and follow the Directions… Your Net gain can be up to 26% Longer Lasting Flowers!

It’s Valentines day… and time to show your Special Someone how much they mean to you… with Flowers!

Check out J’s recent appearance on ABC with Stephanie Webb on Take 5 & Company offering Romantic Rose Reminders for Valentines Day 2012!