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FEBRUARY 2012 uBloom Newsletter: Daffodil Flower Care Tips

Daffodil Success…Let the SUN SHINE IN! 

By Gay Smith of Chrysal – uBloom’s Flower Care & Handling Expert

Daffs bleed a gooey sap when cut.  Bacteria love it and water gets polluted fast.

Set up a bucket with a gallon of cold water. Drop in one Chrysal Gerbera pill.

Let pill dissolve and pour the ready-to-use solution into daffodil display buckets.        Keep solution level at ¼ height of container (low)

Snip ½ inch from stems. Wear gloves as daff sap can cause dermatitis problems.

Let flowers drink Gerbera pill solution minimum 1 hour before using in designs.

Flowers can stay in same solution up to 3 days. After third day, start over with      fresh Gerbera solution and repeat set-up directions.

Daffodil sap shortens vase life of some flowers—especially tulips and freesia, so    refrain from giving a fresh cut to daff stems when mixing with other blooms. (Sap starts flowing with every cut)

When mixing daffs in spring bouquets: Let flowers drink the Gerb pill solution for
+/- 1hr so stems harden and sap flow stops.

Add re-hydrated daff stems to bouquet assortment without giving a fresh cut. Bulb
flowers are unique in that they are able to pull solution into stems without a fresh  cut each time…assuming flowers are not left dry longer than 1 day.

Daffodils are ethylene sensitive–Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke,
exhaust, fruits and veggies.

Check condition of bunches on arrival.  Bunches should appear firm.  Foliage should be green and very little flower color showing.

Advantages of Professional Gerbera Pills 

The “active” effect of gerbera pills last 3 days.  After 3 days, start with fresh          solution.

Use Professional gerb pills with daffs, gerberas, cut hyacinths, celosia, snaps,       stock, kale, fever few, helenium –All high-polluting flower types.

Always start with clean buckets! J’s A FANATIC about Clean Buckets.. you should be Too!

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