FEBRUARY 2012 uBloom Newsletter: JUST RELEASED! J’s New DVD’s…Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Imagine…designing wedding flowers for your clients armed with all of J’s BEST wedding flower tips, tricks and ideas!  Sounds AMAZING right?  Well, NOW you can create STUNNING wedding flowers Just Like J!  We are Excited to Announce J’s Newest DVD’s “Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Flowers” Volumes 1 & 2″ !  J’s two DVD’s are PACKED FULL of incredible design instruction that will help YOU improve & fine tune your techniques, master mechanics, unleash creativity and expand your flower design repertoire.

Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Flowers Volume 1

Bouquets – Hand-tieds, Round & Cascades, Faux Hand-tieds, Composite Flowers, Pomander Balls and MUCH MUCH More!

Ceremony Flowers – Door Wreath Decor, Pew Markers, Candleabras, Perimeter Urns just to name a few!

Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Flowers Volume 2

Flowers to Wear – Magic Magnetz Secrets, Boutonniere & Corsage Secrets, Cold Glue Techniques and Tips, Cuffs & Flower Jewelry and MANY more!

Celebration Flowers – Topiary with Glads & Alstros, Ivy Heart Centerpieces, Rose Sphere Deco Bead Tower, Elevated Glass Top Table Decor and MORE!

J’s Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Flowers volumes 1 & 2 will be released SOON and will be available for purchase in uBloom’s Shop.