J with Elizabeth Crisp from Apple Creek Flowers at NEFE!

Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Crisp… REAL Florist!

J with Elizabeth Crisp from Apple Creek Flowers at NEFE!

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Crisp at the North East Floral Expo in Sturbridge MA this Spring.

Do you ever meet one of those AMAZING People… and know in your heart of hearts that this is one of those people that EVERYONE Should meet and get to talk to??? That is Elizabeth!

She’s a Florist… Just like you and me… She owns an Independent Local Flower Shop…In Woodstock IL…  and she’s Smart, Vibrant, Creative, and PASSIONATE about the Business of Flowers! That’s the PERFECT combination… to succeed in Business today!

I had the pleasure of visiting several times with her over the weekend and each visit got better and better!!! Her experiences of opening a store… running a shop… building a business are so REAL… Like I said… she’s a REAL Florist… with the same challenges, and opportunities… and she’s doing it Right….

So I asked Elizabeth to write a series of Guest Blogs for uBloom… so that WE can ALL Sit down with Elizabeth to chat… about Being a Florist… striving for Success… and Taking Control of our Flower Business… Channeling our Passion into a Business…

Check out her uBloom Profile http://ubloom.com/applecreekflowers06/

Visit her Website… http://www.independentfloralnetwork.com/applecreekflowers/

But Above all… take the time to “Meet Elizabeth” in this Guest Blog Series… it’s a little like looking in the mirror… You’ll see the Florist… You’ve always Dreamed of Being!