Deco Balls

APRIL 2012 NEWSLETTER: Flower Thoughts from J


Deco Balls

Have you ever wondered what flower thoughts are “blooming” in J’s brain? Wish you could get a dose of J’s enthusiasm & positive energy everyday?   You CAN with “Flower Thoughts with J!”

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Here is a small sample of J’s Flower Thoughts from February & March….

February 8: Use pinking shears to trim Galax leaves into interesting shapes…diamonds, triangles or hearts for Valentine’s Day!

February 14: Flower food actually works!  Aspirin, 7-Up and Pennies…not so much.  Mix according to directions…and use to top off your flower’s water supply.  Measure!  Too much or too little does more harm than good.  Protect your investment…get up to 26% longer lasting flowers.

February 17:  Extensive Dutch research has shown that there is no useful benefit to cutting flowers under water…whatsoever!  Plus it’s dangerous….using a sharp knife under water.  P.S.  Ok…everybody out of the pool!

February 20: The most AMAZING times of my life…have been filled with FLOWERS!  I don’t think it was a coincidence!

March 9:  Did you know that Flowers AREN’T fattening?  That means you can have Seconds…and Thirds!

March 13:  Should you soak your Floral Foam with Holes up or Holes down?

Answer: Holes Down… the Holes are created to allow water to
penetrate the entire block and create even saturation…

not to release air from the foam block…

P.S. Always Float soak…
NEVER…EVER… force the foam under the water… (video demo)

March 19:  A Clean Knife is just as important as a Clean Vase, Bucket or Work Surface…

Clean your Flower Design Knife Daily…

To Prevent Bacteria build up on the Blade…

Drop your knife into a solution of Chrysal Cleaner for a soak each night!

March 28:  The NEW Giant Deco Balls take up to 48 hours to Expand…

It Takes some time… but the Results are Worth it!

Use Distilled Water for EXTRA Clarity…

and DON’T Use Flower Nutrient Water… (it can cause the balls to burst)

Room Temperature water yields the best results!!!

P.S. they make another jump at 72 hours… Just so you know!!!!