Kelly's Artwork...Bloomin' Buzz Newsletter Header

It’s Photo Friday! Discover the GUY behind the Graphics!


Kelly’s Artwork…Bloomin’ Buzz Newsletter Header

I love showcasing floral designs created by uBloomers…it is just so fun to be able to highlight individual designers’ work and watch how excited they get to be featured in Photo Friday blog posts.  It’s as exciting for me as it is for them!  Recognizing excellence in our industry is really important…from educators to business leaders….floral designers to those who support the industry from “behind the scenes.”

So, today I want to recognize an individual who is one of those “invisible faces” working hard, unseen, behind the scenes…but whose work we get to enjoy everyday here on   In fact, without the talent and dedication of Club uBloom Member (and J’s better half) Kelly James Blank…uBloom wouldn’t be nearly as exciting, enjoyable or eye catching as it is.  You may not have heard about him before (that is because he likes to remain anonymous) but, I, uBloom’s Community Gardener, want to shed some light on the guy behind the graphics!

Kelly, owner of Blank Art & Design, is uBloom’s Graphics Arts guru…he creates all the beautiful slides, headers, ads…and much more…here on uBloom.  In fact, just about all the cool graphics you see on uBloom is Kelly’s creative handiwork – including the awesome new header for our bi-monthly newsletter “The Bloomin’ Buzz!”   I LOVE Kelly’s designs…they are always full of color, fun to look at and easy to read.  His style is bold and slightly whimsical…layering crisp photos with colorful computer graphics and clear text.  Just look around uBloom…you will see Kelly’s fingerprints everywhere!

Kelly also lends his expertise and artistry in the filming and editing of the FUN with Flowers and J webisodes.  He is very much involved with the branding & marketing of FWFandJ and uBloom…and is quite successful at what he does!  Kelly is “the man behind the man (J Schwanke)”…helping to capture the best of J and relay that to the world in graphics & design.

I’m dedicating today’s Photo Friday post to Kelly Blank…and turning the spotlight on HIM for a change…to recognize him for all the hard work and dedication he puts into making J and uBloom look sooooo good!  Thanks Kelly for all you do!