uBloom Trend Analysis

WHICH uBloom Trend Synthesis™ Concept are YOU?

uBloom Trend Analysis

uBloom Trend Analysis Concepts

J has introduced us to his 4 Design Concepts in the uBloom Trend Analysis….Fragrant Garden, Tropical Texture, Eco Green and Health & Wealth.  Each concept contains trend forward floral materials, colors, vases, ribbons and MORE that promote the theme.  The uBloom Trend Synthesis™ Guide showcases each concept and is available FREE at J’s Live Events and Workshops and is available in the uBloom Shop for $10. 

I thought we could have a little additional flower fun with the concepts…by transforming each concept into a “personality type” and create a quiz!  I posted the quiz on uBloom’s FB Page…but, if your not a “bookie”…I’ve posted the quiz below so that you can join the fun!  Once you take the quiz…post your “results” below in the comments section and/or post it to our FB Quiz page!

Soooo, WHICH uBloom Trend Analysis Concept are YOU?

Fragrant Garden: You are a true romantic…just like a character out of a Jane Austen novel.  You are sentimental and love to be surrounded by family.  You enjoy beauty wherever you find it…and love to linger over coffee with a friend.

Tropical Texture: You are vibrant and Full of Life!  Zesty, sassy, flirty and fun…you take on any challenge wi…th gusto!  You are the life of the party and love laughing…LOUDLY!  You have lots of friends and always tend to look on the brighter side of life.

Eco Green:  You feel a deep connection to nature and live life in harmony with it. You can be found in deep contemplation, enjoying walks in the woods, with dirty hands in the garden and helping others in need.  You have strong convictions and live your life by them.

Health & Wealth: You are determined and capable…never letting a challenge get the best of you.  You are highly motivated and goal driven… pursuing what you love and stopping at nothing.  You enjoy the finer things in life and your success…but you always reach out and help others to find their dreams as well.