Design by Kim Hatton

It’s Photo Friday! Great Example of the “Fragrant Garden” Concept!

Design by Kim Hatton

This week J introduced us to the Fragrant Garden Concept from the uBloom Trend Analysis™ Design System.  The uBloom Trend Analysis has 4 Concepts…Fragrant Garden, Tropical Texture, Eco Green and Health & Wealth…which are beautifully displayed in the uBloom Trend Synthesis™ Guide.  Along with EACH concept will come 2 videos on FUN with Flowers and J…1. a Trend Concept Video which is an introduction to the concept and explores the elements and colors of that concept…and… 2. a Flower Project Video where J shows us how to create a design using the elements in that concept.

TREND CONCEPT VIDEOS: Premiere July 23, Sept. 17, Nov. 5 2012 and Jan. 21, 2013

FLOWER PROJECT VIDEOS: Premiere July 30, Sept. 24, Nov. 12, 2012 and Jan. 28, 2013

You can explore the 4 trend concepts even further…colors, textures, materials, accessories, etc…on J’s Pinterest Page where he has dedicated 4 pin boards to the design concepts!  J has also created a RESOURCE GUIDE for the Fragrant Garden Concept which is available in his Blog.

We are always interested in seeing YOUR interpretations of the 4 uBloom Trend Analysis Concepts…and we love seeing the photos that you post on uBloom and uBloom’s Facebook Page showcasing the concepts!

Club uBloom Member, Kim Hatton of Kim Hatton Designs in Georgia, posted a very lovely Fragrant Garden concept design photo (above) on her uBloom Profile Page.  The gorgeous and colorful blooms Kim used in her creation are lush, garden flowers…including ZINNA…and her use of the ornamental kale was a clever nod to the GARDEN aspect of the fragrant garden inspired look!  Kim’s use of callas and cockscomb, as well as the simple, frosted glass container, give the Fragrant Garden arrangement a contemporary feel…but, stays well within the concept style.  I also like how compact the design is…which is nice for a table centerpiece or coffee table.  Garden designs are usually larger, more dramatic in scale…but Kim’s design shows you that you CAN create a smaller Fragrant Garden style arrangement effectively without sacraficing the lush garden look.

Thanks Kim for sharing your Fragrant Garden photo with us!