Garcia Group Glass

2012 AUGUST NEWSLETTER: Product Review…Terra Glas® From G3 (Garcia Group Glass)

Garcia Group Glass

Floraglas by Garcia Group

The ECO-Green Concept (featured in the uBloom Trend Synthesis) is HOT… and everyone is becoming more aware of how to address the ECO Concept. Whether were looking at Carbon Footprints, or Recycled Materials… the ECO Conscious Nature of our Flower Arrangements, Designs and Events is an Important Valuable Asset…
That’s why I was Fascinated (and Immediately fell in Love) with G3 Glass… this 100% post Consumer Recycled Glass from the Garcia group is Attractive, Functional, Affordable and ECO-friendly! Created from 100% Post Consumer recycled Glass (don’t be fooled by mere Recycled Glass… LOOK for POST Consumer Recycled… and 100% is the VERY BEST)… and to be honest… Windshields make up a great deal of Post Consumer Recycled glass… but it also makes the Vases a Blue or Green Tint… G3 glass uses very little windshield… (instead they use bottles…mostly Tequila… go figure)… The Line is Made in Mexico and distributed through Reputable Wholesale Florists throughout the USA!
This Extremely Clear 100% Post Consumer Glass is also tempered… meaning it’s been fired a second time… to give it more stability and create a much more durable glass. Now that is meaningful… I was recently doing a show in Las Vegas at Mellano & Co… and I knocked a vase off a shelf and onto the floor… full of Stock from Ocean View… the drop was only about 8 inches… (from a rolling cart)… but the Vase Didn’t BREAK… it simple rolled around on the floor spilling all the water and stems… I was SHOCKED…  and relieved at the Same time… G3 is always going the EXTRA Mile to insure the quality of Garcia Group Glass exceeds our expectations!

Eco-friendly, clear glass vases by Garcia Group Glass!

Now I certainly won’t call them unbreakable… I’ve broken my share of Glass over the years… but I will tell you that this Line is Extremely durable and very Stable!… as well as being ECO -Friendly and Sustainable!
Today, we’re talking about their NEW Terra Glas® which actually features several of the G3 Vases… that now have Hand Blown 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass LIDS… 2 sizes that are interchangeable with about a dozen vases… Turning Bubble Bowls, Ginger Jars, Hurricane Vases, RIO Cache and Lily Bowls into Closed Containers… Perfect for Terrariums or Apothecaries…
I’ve used these in Many Upcoming FUN with Flowers and J projects… (Stay Tuned!!!!) and also featured the Terra Glas® Terrariums in the ECO Green Concept in the uBloom Trend Analysis! Because the lids are interchangeable and the two sizes fit an assortment of different containers… you are making a SMART purchase…  Any of the TERRA GLAS® Containers can become a Terrarium or Apothecary Jar… it’s a great way to create an ECO-Smart Candy Bar… for a Wedding or Special Event…
The Smart Designers at Garcia Group Glass… just keep it coming… and are making SMART Glass Choices… that HELP us address the Eco-concious concerns of our Customers…  Another one of my ESSENTIAL Flower Products Terra Glas® From G3 (Garcia Group Glass)!