Giftwares Co., Inc. Apothecary Jars

Welcome to the uBloom Family….Giftwares Co., Inc!

We are very excited to announce that Giftwares Co., Inc. is joining our amazing group of uBloom Sponsors!  Welcome to the family!

Giftwares offers an incredible line of Glass, Ceramic, and Metal Containers…as well as GORGEOUS baskets.  They also have a Sympathy Catalogue which includes many choices of resin statuary, blankets, crosses, and more.  I had a chance to preview their products online and I REALLY liked what I saw!

Glassware – MANY different shapes, colors, textures, and styles.  You are CERTAIN to find exactly what you need and what your customers will love…from your everyday glassware to the unique!  I loved the feminine, Rose Colored Glass containers and the nature inspired, Earthtones Frosted Glassware with a skeletonized leaf on the front and a cording wrap.  The elegant Mosaic Glass and Black Glass containers were stand outs as well.  On this week’s FUN with Flowers and J….J showcases the incredible selection of Apothecary Jars by Giftwares Co., Inc. in this “Flower Buffet” tablescape arrangement webisode!

Ceramics – From the traditional glazed to the old fashioned pottery look, and everything in between…Giftwares showcases a wonderful line of ceramics that are sure to please every taste!  I’m a huge fan of the pottery look…and Giftwares offers these ceramics in a nice selection of sizes and glaze colors.  Old World Style abounds with beautifully embossed containers, planters and urns in a variety of washes & finishes…always a customer favorite!  Looking for something a little more unique?  No problem!  I found super cute, TUFTED Ceramic containers in several colors!  Of course…Giftwares has fun, “theme” ceramics including: Baby, Sports, Tea time, Smiley Face, and Baby Animals.

Metals – Lots of sizes, shapes, colors and styles to choose from!  Giftwares’ embossed metal containers are delightful and I was happy to see a nice color range available.  I was totally bowled over by the GORGEOUS Metal & Birch Planters….those are a must see…must have item for SURE!

Baskets – Giftwares has a bevy of beautiful baskets that will fit your every need!  The nearly endless offering covered every size, shape, color and style imagineable.  My favorites were the texture-iffic, Banana Leaf Baskets and the Twiggy Vine with Metal baskets.  You will also find organically inclined, Mossy Vine items…purses, planters, orbs, hearts (open & closed)…even a Birdhouse Planter!  Think the uBloom Trend Analysis “Eco-Green” Concept

Lanterns – Trend forward and a MUST HAVE for Florists and Wedding & Event Professionals!  Giftwares showcases some of the finest metal lanterns ranging from the traditional lantern look to a more sleek, modern variety…all in varying sizes and finishes.

Giftwares also carries Holiday and Sympathy product lines as well.  I took a sneak peek at their Valentine containers….and, of course, my fave was the “blingy” ceramics!  White or Black containers with a band of diamonds wrapped around…now what woman wouldn’t want a dozen roses in one of those?  Giftwares also had Silver Glass & Mercury Glass containers….so YOU can Bring on the Bling for Valentines!

Currently, uBloom has many wonderful sponsors who help keep us online…blooming & growing…so that YOU can receive floral education & inspiration 24/7.   What you may not know is that J is a bit picky about who he lets sponsor uBloom.  All companies and their products have to pass the “J Test” before being allowed to sponsor or place ads on our website.  J personally tests and uses each product to make sure that they are of exceptional quality and value for YOU…our uBloomers.   Believe it or not….J HAS turned down potential sponsors and advertisers because he did not feel completely comfortable in recommending their products to you.  J values TRUST and HONESTY above monetary means.

J does, with much enthusiasm, endorse Giftwares Co., Inc. products and services…and we are thrilled to have them onboard with us here at uBloom.  Be SURE and check out their Full line of Products at