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How to make a Christmas Arrangement with Red Carnations, White Pine, Winterberry and Holly!

J shares a few of his Favorite things for Christmas. Using his traditional favorites, J creates a Festive Holiday arrangement for Christmas and shares the memory of a Very Special Christmas Tree his Grandpa Carnation Joe created one Christmas!

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  1. Sandra Villegas November 3, 2020 at 4:36 pm

    Beautiful!! Love your story about the Christmas tree :) That reminds me when I was a child and my father got our first fresh Christmas Tree, but it was not a pine it was a bush that grows around with round green leaves and white on the bottom of each leave. We did not have pine trees in our area so he got that bush, because he like the green and white leaves then be painted the trunk white paint so it will look like snow. He gave us a big surprise ! It was the most beautiful tree ever ! So many memories about our child hood and will be the most beautiful moments for ever right?

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