“Lyte” up your Flowers with C-Lytes from Acolyte Technologies!

One of the things I love MOST about Christmas time is all the LIGHTS!  They make everything look magical and can transform the most ordinary shrubbery into something extraordinary.  I always use a LOT of lights at Christmas…it helps to brighten those long wintry nights…I usually get them up early and take them down late for that very reason!  When I do eventually take my Christmas lights down…I truly miss them.  To me, nothing is as festive and “feel good” as glistening, twinkly Christmas lights.  As floral professionals, we all know how important lighting is…for weddings/events, displays, photography…etc.  Lighting is critical, it sets the “mood” and helps to create just the right atmosphere in our shops, homes or venues.  Proper lighting can highlight and draw eyes & attention to our floral creations in a simple, yet elegant way.

That is why I was SO excited to see J demonstrating the new C-Lytes from Acolyte Technologies in this week’s FUN with Flowers and J video!  The C-Lytes are perfectly designed to fit inside hand tied bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and even terrariums!  C-Lytes are so small & light that the battery pack is easily hidden so all that you see are tiny white lights that add excitement and a magical feel to your designs!   Another wonderful thing about C-Lytes is that they are flexible…you can adjust each light to point in the direction you choose.  Plus, C-Lytes come in a choice of 3 or 5 lights…so you can pick which best fits your needs.  The 3 light C-Lytes are perfect for Bouts and Corsages while the 5 light version make hand-tied bouquets look incredible.  Imagine your bride walking down a candle lit aisle carrying a beautiful bouquet gently illuminated with C-Lytes…or…your prom clients lighting up the night with their statement body flowers!  Even your terrariums will sparkle with C-Lytes…and your customers are bound to notice!

Be sure and watch this week’s video “How to make a Lighted Corsage with C-Lytes” to learn all the great tips & design instruction J gives you for using C-Lytes in body flowers, hand-tied bouquets and terrariums.  In fact, the uses for C-Lytes are practically endless!  The magical feel of Christmas doesn’t need to end when the holiday does…C-Lytes can make your flower designs sparkle all year round!