J makes flower arranging FUN, FAST & EASY!

Enjoy Flowers all Year Long…with Help from J!


J makes flower arranging FUN, FAST & EASY!

Flowers Mean Better Health!  Rutger’s University did research on the importance of fresh flowers in the home/office environment and their conclusion was that flowers promoted a sense of well being, lessened stress, reduced the incidence of arguments and helped with memory function.  With all those benefits…why would we NOT want to have fresh cut flowers in our homes year round?

For some who have not had any floral design experience or feel they are not “creatively” inclined…a handful of cut flowers can be a little intimidating.  The questions are many…”What containers can I use?”  “How do I arrange them?”  “Do all these flowers ‘go’ together?”  “How can I make my flowers last longer?”  We also hear people say that flower arranging looks too hard or takes too long…and they don’t have time to mess with them.  We here at uBloom BELIEVE in the Power of Flowers and their proven POSITIVE affects in our lives…and we want EVERYONE to enjoy the positive energy and benefits of having fresh flowers in their homes.

That is why J has created a BRAND NEW set of flower arranging lessons to help newbies get aquainted with flowers and learn how to design simple, yet stylish arrangements quickly & easily.  Now EVERYONE can enjoy arranging fresh cut flowers from their garden, farmer’s market or florist…with “Fast & Easy Flowers” by J Schwanke!

For only $4.99 you will receive 10 Fresh Flower Projects for your Home, Office or Anywhere…PLUS…2 Flower Care Basics lessons!   That means you get 12 shows – 5 minutes each…Twelve, Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step, How to Arrange Flower Videos… Fast & Easy Flowers lets you have FUN with Flowers and J!

This is an amazing opportunity to learn flower design basics and gain confidence in working with flowers so that you can proudly display fresh cut flowers…designed by YOU…in your home or office…and to begin enjoying their many healthful benefits.

Check out a video preview of “Fast & Easy Flowers” by J and then order today!