Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant) Leave "roses" drying... SO Gorgeous!

Turn Fabulous FLORIDA Foliage into “ROSES”!

Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant) Leave “roses” drying… SO Gorgeous!

This week on Fun with Flowers and J… I share a Fast and Easy Lesson for Taking the Fabulous Apidistra Leaves from FernTrust… and turning them into Roses! Yep… you heard right… I learned this little trick from a homeless person on the streets of Honolulu…

The gentleman was creating ROSES… out of Cast Iron Plant leaves he had harvested ‘somewhere’.. it was fascinating to watch… and I watched intently to pick up the technique. I purchased one from him… and much to my surprise… the “ROSE” lasted the entire time I was in the islands.

Simple Binding holds the “Rose” Together…

These Flowers… created from Foliage are wonderful for Special Events… and FOLIAGE is a HOT HOT Trend (See our Eco Green Trend Concept in the uBloom Trend Synthesis)…
These Leaves change as they dry and begin to take on the characteristics of Wood Grain.

The Folks at FernTrust grow All Kinds of Foliage in the FERN Capital of the WORLD… Central Florida! This Month… the JTV Crew is heading to Seville, Pierson and Apopka… to create A NEW American Grown Foliage and Flower Series… Featuring the Foliage and Flowers that come FRESH From FLORIDA!

Our Friends at FernTrust during our PRE-Production Visit to the Fern Capital of the World in Central Florida!

And FernTrust is just one of the Stops we’ll make… showing and sharing the Beauty Wonder and Passion that comes from the Florida! Stay Tuned… for Fabulous Foliage From FernTrust and Many more Fresh From Florida Adventures!!!!