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American Grown Clematis… Fresh from Florida!

Roseville Farms- Fresh Cut American Grown- Florida Fresh Clematis!!!

This week on the Florida Fresh Tour… we visit the Amazing Roseville Flower Farm… where they grow the World’s Finest Fresh Cut Clematis!

J gets the Inside Scoop on Roseville Farms Amazing Clematis from David Raab!

President David Raab, is an Amazing Individual… and he loves Clematis! David’s enterprise not only includes fresh cut clematis but also Liners and Pots of this Beautiful Flowering Vine!

Dr. Rupple… One of My Favorite Variegated Clematis Blossom Colors!

Roseville specializes in Clematis and that is their only Exclusive Crop! It’s Impressive to see how David and his team have perfected and devoted this Flower Farm to One Variety of Plant!

Roseville Clematis is attended to every day to insure the Utmost in Quality and Pefection!

Clematis is quite possibly the HOTTEST Trend Flower for Weddings and Special Events. I fell in love with this Flower about a decade ago when I saw it in an arrangement on stage at AIFD in San Francisco… I remember saying… I didn’t know you could use clematis in an arrangement and I was amazed how it seemed so fragile… yet it survived and seem to be perfectly fine!

David Raab, CEO and President of Roseville Farms in Apopka Florida!

About 2 years I became familiar with Roseville Clematis and BOY am I impressed! Roseville Clematis is DURABLE, Long Lasting and incredibly Versatile! Roseville Clematis also comes in an extraordinary variety of colors… Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, White and several variegated Blossoms!

David knows Clematis… and that is why Roseville Clematis is World Class!

David shared a Clematis Secret… the stems are fiberous… rather than vascular… which is why Clematis lasts so LONG in both water and foam! When I receive Roseville Clematis its’ important to cut the stem and place it in Chrysal Professional #2 or #3… as the blossoms grow… almost right before your eyes… increasing in size sometimes 2-3 fold…

Roseville Clematis being harvested… each Stem grows on it’s own 4 Foot Steel Rod… and is harvested on that rod!

I’ve also demonstrated the Durability factor to may Designer friends and Suppliers… I’ve left a bunch out of water for about 24 hours… and it literally looks like wet paper towel… limp and nearly dead… but then I recut it and VOILA in about 3 hours… it’s Revived! It truly is Miraculous!

Buckets of Clematis with steel rod intact… heading for packaging at Roseville Farms!

Clematis is What Roseville Does Best… and they do it BETTER than anyone else! All the More Reason why this Amazing Flower should be the Guest of Honor at your Next Wedding or Special Event…

White Clematis… graded and packaged… ready to be shipped to Florists all over the world!

But Let’s not FORGET Clematis for EVERYDAY Use too… I featured Roseville’s LONG LASTING Clematis in our NEW uBloom Image Gallery… it’s perfect for everyday use… the blossoms last for 7-10 days and they truly add a color and form that adds to any arrangement!

J creates a Wedding Bouquet using several different varieties of Roseville Farms World Class Clematis!

Check out our Visit to Roseville Farms... and get acquainted with America’s Hottest NEW Flower… Fresh Cut Clematis… In Foam or Water… American Grown – Fresh From Florida Clematis is where it’s at!

J Schwanke is the Flower Expert and Host of the Florida Fresh Tour and FUN with Flowers and J on Florida Fresh Tour Episodes are FREE to View or Download… follow this link for the Florida Fresh Visit to Roseville Farms