Always dig through the dirt... there's bound to be GOLD somewhere!

uBloom Emails: A “Nugget” in the Dirt!

Always dig through the dirt… there’s bound to be GOLD somewhere!

uBloom members and visitors love our videos… as you can imagine… our Videos are the most Popular Thing we do at! Although it’s costly to film our uBloom Videos in a studio/sound stage, with HD Cameras, (3 of them) Full Sound, Special Lighting… so the Flowers appear the right color… the set… it’s a big commitment!

Visitors that come to the uBloom Studio… say it’s just like TV… and it is! I’m extremely proud that we create a show that is as good as anything you might see on TV… and my team is Great! We all love what we do!

The Sponsors of our shows… are just as dedicated… they sponsor the shows you eventually watch… for the opportunity to share their cool products, tools, Flowers or Foliage! (it’s called “Advertising”… hehehe)

Those Generous Sponsors help cover the cost of the video production!

However after those amazing shows are complete, and edited… somehow  we need to Deliver The Video to you… and that happens through a hosted, website and video delivery platform… that allows our Cool Videos to travel through the Internet and into/onto your Computer, Cell-phone, Tablet or wherever it is that you want to watch our How to arrange flower videos.

The Website, Hosting and Video Platform are by far the largest expense we have at I know how important that part of the equation is… and making sure you can watch the video when you want… whenever you want takes dedication and dedicated servers, bandwidth and so much more!

I’m  constantly improving our delivery system… looking for better ways to enhance your flower experience… and I know it’s important to find ways to reach everyone!

Some people want to buy ONE Video… others like to subscribe… and get everything… we have several ways for people to access the World Class Educational Videos we create each week at uBloom! And having multiple platforms only increases our delivery costs…

I bring this all up… because I got an email the other day that really set me back…and I wanted to share it with you today…

“wow… uBloom is TOO Expensive… $30 a year… there’s lots of FREE Videos on youtube… I don’t pay for Flower videos…”

I have to tell you that I really do read every email that comes to uBloom… because I want to! When I get an email like this… I really take it to heart!

I stop and think about my intentions… and why we created uBloom and what uBloom stands for! I created uBloom to offer continuous education, inspiration and instruction when it comes to Flowers. uBloom is about reaching out with Flowers to everyone… anywhere and sharing ideas and creative spirit!

UBloom was created to offer an affordable, valuable form of “How to” Education for anyone that loves flowers and want’s to learn more about Flowers and Flower Arranging!

In turn… I know it’s not inexpensive to provide this… and I want everyone that comes to uBloom to have a First Class Experience… to learn something and enjoy the visit… whether they are subscribing or just buying on video.. or watching the preview… or reading a blog..

However they experience uBloom… I want it to be as Pretty and Fulfilling as a Vase of Fresh Cut Flowers… that’s my goal!

So I did it right… I am proud of everything we do at uBloom… Sure It’s not Free… (like on youtube)… but at uBloom… you’re part of a Family… My Family! And the fact that you’re coming by to learn something…is IMPORTANT…  and I want you to learn it the right way! I want to help you be the VERY BEST you can be… when it comes to Flower Arranging!

Flowers led me to create uBloom… and uBloom is alot like Flowers!

Good Flowers are NOT always Inexpensive… Quality Flowers cost something… and when you take care of them… they LAST Longer!  Flowers improve our Lives… and the lives of those around us… Homes that have Flowers in them have less disagreements… Flowers have Power…

uBloom is Good… and it’s not Free… however it’s only .08 cents a day … (or .13 cents for a Business Membership)… or you can download a Video and keep it forever for $1 or $2… and we even offer some Videos for FREE to download…  and Lives that have uBloom (and Flowers) in them are Better!

Plus.. there’s tons of FREE uBloom Benefits for Everyone… Blogs, Flower Guide, Resource Guide, Flowers 101… It’s Pretty Impressive!

On the Same day I got the first Email… I got lovely letter… from a Teacher…who uses uBloom in her classroom… she said her students LOVE JTV... and when she uses a video (that’s not from uBloom)… the kids whine… and say they want to watch J…

I’m glad I read everything that comes to uBloom… because the “GOLD is sometimes buried in dirt”… and sometimes I have do a little digging… but Man… is it worth it!  SOO Worth It!

Wishing you A LIFETIME Surrounded by Flowers!!!