Babies Breath Garlands – Couldn’t be EASIER!!!

Puckett’s Babies Breath garland accented with USA Grown Polar Star Roses and American Made Burlap and Lace Ribbon!

Sometimes we can make things even harder than they need to be! That being said… let’s talk about easier ways to do things!

Puckett’s Babies Breath Products come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes… plus you can custom order too!

Babies Breath Garlands are a HOT Trend for Wedding and Event work… but they can be a pain to create and take lots of time, product and energy… right? So why not leave that difficult part of the task to the pros?

Babies Breath and Limonium garlands are accented with Quicksand Roses and Cymbidium Orchids and Sheer Ribbon.

Wm Puckett in Central Florida is in the Babies Breath Garland Business… (they also make BB Wreaths and Hearts Too)… Now again I want to remind you… we’re talking about making it easier!!! Wm Puckett also distributes their BB products through local wholesale florists! They do this because it offers the BEST Cold Chain Transportation for the BB Products! They travel from Florida in refrigerator trucks… glide into the wholesaler’s cooler and PRESTO they arrive for you… Fresh and Wonderful!

Puckett’s BB Garlands can be made to any length or specification… let them do the work for you!

Now I know some people may THINK they want to have them dropped at their door… but that couldn’t be further from the TRUTH! If they come via an air express company they do come overnight but they are not temperature controlled! That’s Important!

Protect your investment… QUICK Air freight is not the best solution! Cold Chain Solutions offers temperature controlled transportation!

If they get too hot or too cold… which is going to happen when they aren’t in controlled trucks… 2 things happen… YOU Pay More for Freight and YOU get a product that has been heat (or Cold) Stressed… and That’s NOT GOOD!

Wreaths make “Instant” Candle rings or pew decorations… here frosted foliage is added to the wreath for a bit of “BLING”…

That’s why we introduced our uBloom Professional Resource Guide… you click on the PURPLE Find Products button on any page and you can search by Product… (use the Wm Puckett Logo to find the Babies Breath Garlands… or the Eufloria Logo to find the USA Grown Polar Star Roses…. or the Reliant Ribbon Logo to find the American Made Lace and Burlap Ribbon… ) to find the CLOSEST Local Wholesaler that carries that specific product…

It allows you to make connections that makes your life easier! PERIOD!

BB Garland (made in Florida)… USA Grown Roses from Eufloria and Reliant Ribbon American made and stitched Burlap and Lace is the perfect LOCAL Combination!

In this week’s Fun with Flowers and J show... we show Fast Ways to decorate the garlands with USA Grown Roses… and American Made Burlap and Lace Ribbon… the Local Movement is Very Popular… and these Techniques and Products yield IMPRESSIVE
Results… that couldn’t be easier!

The Purple Find Product button is your key to finding your favorite products… Close to Home… with your Local Resources!

Check out the resource guide… it’s a Free Feature… for anyone to use… and so far this month… nearly 1000 visitors are coming back time and time again to find products they’ve seen on uBloom… and their connecting with their local wholesaler and making things easier on themselves!

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