How to arrange flowers- Sympathy Set Pieces and “Simply Sympathy” solutions from Alpha Fern Company

The Solution for Outstanding Sympathy Tributes!

A Simply Sympathy form decorated with yellow flowers… Fast & Easy!

It’s rare that I run across a pre-made flower item… that is Truly Brilliant! And it’s just as rare to have that product exemplify Outstanding Quality, Creativity while still allowing you to Save precious Time and Labor!

I love Set Pieces… nothing stands out more at a Celebration of Life ceremony or Tribute! A flower and foliage wreath, heart or cross offers a personalized tribute that stands out! Everyone is drawn to beautiful flowers…that are creative and unique.

Yellow Island Roses from Eufloria, Resendiz Brothers Pin Cushions… and Anthurium from Brannan Street

Jennifer Strickland and Julie Gennaro are two creative brilliant ladies… these two ladies joined forces to create a line of Sympathy Tributes that are pre-assembled and ready for personalization!

These Set Pieces are constructed with Foliage that is Grown in the USA… in central Florida… Jennifer grows the foliage at Alpha Fern Company and Julie harnesses her creative spirit and designs the forms.

A “blank”… Simply Sympathy Piece… created by Julie Gennaro (soon to be inducted into AIFD 2014) from Alpha Fern Company!

Many can stand alone… or be finished with a touch of ribbon… while others have flower foam attachments that allow you to quickly and easily add flowers…

This week on Fun with Flowers and J… I share the Simply Sympathy forms and take one and quickly add groupings of yellow flowers! In less than 4 minutes… I create a Tribute that will be noticed by everyone.

Personalized Tributes allow us to memorialize our Loved Ones… and using these Creative and Beautiful Sympathy Solutions will allow you to create ONE of a KIND tributes for any Celebration of Life!

A Cross created with reverse magnolia leaves and a touch of fall pods and raffia… just out of the box… and ready for a Celebration of Life Ceremony!

Jennifer and Julie have created the perfect Solution for Outstanding Sympathy Tributes that can be infinitely personalized and take minutes … (rather than hours) to create!  Check out this week’s Fun with Flowers and J show featuring Simply Sympathy from Alpha Fern Company… I’m so thankful this Solution exists!

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