Neverwilt Triple Saddle and Vue 2 Candles Head Table Centerpiece on Fun with Flowers and J this week!

Neverwilt- It’s NOT just for Sympathy!

Neverwilt Triple Saddle and Vue 2 Candles Head Table Centerpiece on Fun with Flowers and J this week!

I’ve been a Fan of Neverwilt for decades! I started using the Neverwilt casket saddles when they first came out… let’s say it’s been a LONG Time!

I loved the concept… the sealed chamber of the Neverwilt saddle traps water so that the casket spray can NEVER Leak… and cause damage to the casket or lining! It’s a revolutionary concept that was invented by Neverwilt Founder Donald O’Connell!

Vue 2 Holders and Wax Battery Operated Candles from Candle Artisans and Garcia Group!

The concept has remained the same… and Neverwilt has introduced many more items after their success with the single saddle back in the day!

I always like to remind my students and show attendees that NEVERWILT is not just for Sympathy. The Mechanic and infrastructure of the NEVERWILT Concept pieces makes it ideal for Wedding and Event work as well!

Battery Operated Wax Spheres look just like the REAL Thing!

This week on Fun with Flowers and J… we use the Triple Saddle to create a Stunning head table centerpiece. It’s ideal because it will NEVER LEAK… and it holds 3 blocks of foam… with non-slip footings.. and a sleek black contour… it’s the perfect mechanic for a flower filled- illuminating head table centerpiece.

The other World Class product I use this week are the NEW Vue-2 Candle holders that hold the battery operated wax candles from Candle Artisans! These clear candle holders are perfect and make the head table SAFE and Romantic!

So many options with a Clear Holder and Flame-free Candle!

It’s about thinking OUTSIDE the box… when it comes to design and using the remarkable products we have at our fingertips to create World Class Weddings and Events…

Thanks Neverwilt and Vue 2… it just get’s Better… All the TIME!!!

Neverwilt products are available from the John Henry Company… contact your local wholesaler or the John Henry Company. Search the uBloom Professional Resource Guide for wholesalers near you that carry Neverwilt and Candle Artisans and Garcia Group Products!