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How to arrange flowers: Voyager Trend Concept

J introduces the Voyager Trend from the NEW uBloom Trend Synthesis 2014-2015. J creates an arrangement that interprets the Voyager Trend… using the Flowers, Foliage and Elements that portray this Trend Concept for the coming year!

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  1. Helen Daly September 19, 2019 at 1:40 am

    this is a very cool arrangement and one of my favorites you have done. Wish I was younger and starting to work in a flower shop again and know what I know now and from watching all you do all the tricks I have learned. Over 50 years in the flower shop so far and only work on Holidays and when my boss needs a break. Only wish we had the type of clients that would want or could afford some of your beautiful work. I might just make this type of thing for myself at home to enjoy for maybe Christmas and pretend it is a Christmas ball? Thanks for sharing all your beautiful designs Love em.

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