Survey says: Women prefer Pink-Peach or Orange over Red Roses... for Valentines day or any day!

Flower Advice for Guys- Flowers 101

Flower Advice for Guys this Valentine’s Day!

Survey says: Women prefer Pink-Peach or Orange over Red Roses… for Valentines day or any day!

Here’s a bit of friendly flower advice for guys this Valentine’s Day! The AWESOME Boyfriend or Husband is prepared for Valentine’s day…

  • Card- signed with a sweet personal note
  • Candy- Something sweet, refined and delicate
  • Flowers- Freshest Quality and Favorite Color!

Doesn’t seem to difficult… but guys can sometimes fumble when it comes tot getting the Freshest, Best Quality Favorite Flowers for their girlfriend or wife!

Follow these simple steps and you’re sure to “capture her heart” this Valentine’s Day!

1. Women don’t prefer RED ROSES! That’s right guys… Even though gentlemen will gravitate toward Red Rose for Valentines… surveys conducted by the Society of American Florists say Women prefer Peach, Pink or Orange…

Good news… Red Roses always carry a premium price… so Other Colors will be higher quality and sometimes less expensive!

Visit your LOCAL Flower Seller to find better deals, fragrant flowers and skip the 800 number or On-line Service!

2. Skip ON-line Ordering- Go LOCAL! This is not the time to use On-line Services or 800 numbers! Orders placed with these companies have hefty service charges and many even take a percentage of the order so you actually get less!

Call the Florist down the street…or better yet… stop in and see what they are offering as a Unique Local Valentine’s Day Special… You’ll get Flowers that are expertly arranged, cared for and super fresh! PS… think about Picking up your Flowers and delivering them in person… you’ll save $$$ and get ((((Bighugs))))!

Look for the LOCAL Label… CA Grown Flowers are the LOCAL Choice all across the USA… This logo insures you’re buying the BEST!

3. Look for Local Flowers! Flowers grown in America (even CA Grown flowers in NYC…) travel to their destination in Water… they haven’t been sequestered in customs, poked, or been dry packed for days.

Just looking at the Flowers you are going to choose… (In PERSON)… allow you to make a wise decision and pick quality! You have options when it comes to choosing the flowers you’re going to gift ‘your honey’… Choose Good Ones!

There you have it… Three simple steps…

  • Pick a Color other than Red… for your Roses or Any Flower
  • Visit your Local Independent Flower Seller… don’t go on On-line
  • Look for Local Grown American Flowers!


J Schwanke is the Author of “Fun with Flowers-Your guide to selecting, arranging and enjoying beautiful flowers” and Host of “Fun with Flowers and J” a weekly web-based TV Show about Flowers on J is one of the Flower Industries foremost flower experts!