Amnesia Roses One of my Faves

‘tween Colors!

It’s that Color that lies BETWEEN the other colors… that’s a TWEEN Color… it’s not quite PINK…it’s Not Quite Peach… it’s somewhere in between. We can use these colors to our Advantage… but using them in combination with our Primary Theme Colors to cause Interest, Excitement or Drama.

A Bouquet of All one Color is not nearly dramatic as one that incorporates tints, tones or shades of that color… and adding a TWEEN Color into the mix… we get jaw dropping… star studded… red carpet Looks and Admiration!

Amnesia Roses from Esprit are my key example today! Recently at my “ROCKIN’ WEDDINGS” Show in Springfield IL for the Illinois State Florist Association. I assigned my Design Assistant Katy to create a series of Bouquets featuring this Amazing TWEEN Color Rose. When I first saw Amnesia a few years back at Horti-fare… my cohorts didn’t like it… didn’t know what to do with it… and frankly Didn’t Understand the value of this Muddy (more Taupe) colored rose.

“YUCK… what would you possibly do with that thing?… Can you imagine getting a dozen of those for Valentines day?”… well that says it all doesn’t’ it.

To be Clear… Amnesia IS NOT a DOZEN Rose Flower… it’s a Color Enhancement. A Drama Builder… a Mood Amplifier…

And here… you see how Amnesia is just as much at Home with PINK as it is with Green or even Purple.

A TWEEN Color Flower takes on the Characteristics of the Surrounding Flowers… and creates a Dramatic Transition and Elegant Quality to entire Bouquet.

TWEEN Colors elevate the Entire Collection… and Wisk us effortlessly onto the RED Carpet… Look out for the Paparazzi!