Expert Flower Advice- 10 Tips for Valentine’s Day Flowers!

Expert Flower Advice- 10 Tips for Valentine’s Day Flowers!- written by J Schwanke,

1.    Order Early – Especially if you want something special… Certain Flowers, Favorite Colors or Time of Delivery… placing your order early allows your Florist to plan to insure your flowers are Exceptional
2.    Choose a Different Color – other than Red… The Typical choice is “RED” for Valentines Day… but did you know:
a.    Women surveyed actually prefer Peach or Orange
b.    Colors other than Red may actually be better quality and less Expensive at Valentine’s Day.
3.    Select Unusual Flowers – While you’re expanding your Color Choice… perhaps look at another type of flower. Roses are Classic… but also typical… Perhaps Orchids, Tulips, Lilies, Carnations or Protea will make a unique and lasting impression. Expand your Flower Horizons…
4.    Smell YOU – Fragrant Flowers – are all the rage… Stemmed Gardenias, Freesia, Hyacinth, Herbs, Garden Roses, Rose Lilies… when you fill a room with the fragrance of flowers… you create memories… and you can be the focus of those memories – when you choose flowers that smell amazing!
5.    Pick Out Your Flowers – in Person! It may seem easier to order online or pick up the phone… however, if you go in person to choose your flowers, you may avoid hidden charges, get better quality and make better choices.
6.    Choose a Smart Vase – Choose a vase that will become an ongoing receptacle for flowers. Select a vase your Valentine will want to use again… that you frequently fill with flowers on a regular basis… you’ll be creating a lifestyle that will be the envy of everyone!
7.    Use the Flower Food - Flower sellers all offer flower food… ask for extra packets to give to your Valentine. Flowers last longer when given flower food. Follow the directions for mixing the food.  Remember to top off the vase with Flower Food pre-measured in water when it gets low. Flower food also promotes bigger blooms, better color and more fragrance. Who knew?
8.    Office Envy – Valentine’s Day is Sunday – but your Valentine wants everyone to know they got Flowers… from YOU! So send them during office hours… ahead of the actual day this year… Your Valentine and the Flowers will get more attention… and that means you’ll be a STAR!!!
9.    Deliver the Flowers Yourself – Having spent years delivering flowers… I assure you that if you arrive with flowers… you’ll get to see the Reaction- “That Smile”… “Those Tears”… ((((BIGHUGS))) and kisses too! Make the effort to deliver them yourself. (And you save the delivery fee!)
10.    Always Choose Flowers! – Studies and research prove that Flowers promote happiness, improve our lives, increase memory, and simply make us feel better… be sure your Valentine’s Day ALWAYS includes flowers…. period!

J Schwanke is the Host of the First Web-based TV Show about Flowers- “Fun with Flowers and J”… and is the CEO of J is one of the most sought after Flower Educators in the world and lends his expertise to anyone that loves flowers. He is also a 4th Generation Florist, Award Winning author and professional speaker- for more information visit